El término posfordismo hace referencia al sistema de producción Es un sistema contrapuesto al Fordismo, utilizado en las fábricas. Fordismo y postfordismo: control social y educación. By Verónica Citlalli Hernández Nogueda; Abstract: Se presenta una caracterización de los modelos productivos prefordista, fordista y postfordista.

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El auge de los servicios y de los trabajadores no manuales.

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Fordismo y postfordismo by Ailén C on Prezi

Postvordismo, Neighbourhood and Health Cities, social cohesion and the environment Social polarisation, the labour market and economic restructuring in Europe: Leave your questions and comments for the authors of the papers. If you are interested in reading these papers, contact Social Polis. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Research Review Cameron, Gilroy and Miciukiewick. Test your knowledge Online interactive quizzes to test your knowledge on Social Science.


FORDISMO Y POSTFORDISMO by Pablo Álvarez Valle on Prezi

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References Read the complete list of references of each topic: Importancia de los tipos de consumidores, en contraste con la importancia concedida previamente a la clase social.

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Prefordismo, Fordismo y Postfordismo en el turismo: modelos para el análisis del turismo

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Videocreación – “Taylorismo, Fordismo y Postfordismo”

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Social polarisation, the labour market and economic restructuring in Europe: Posfordismo Posted on January 13, by Surt Foundation.

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