Mohamed Choukri born on July 15, and died on November 15, , was a Moroccan author and novelist. I first read Mohamed Choukri’s memoir For Bread Alone when I was working on A Basket of Leaves. I considered using it as one of the books I. Mohamed Choukri’s autobiographical novel For Bread Alone describes a bleak childhood and youth in Morocco.

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What is gained, as a result? Reviews ‘A true document of human desperation, shattering in its impact.

For Bread Alone (Mohamed Choukri) – book review

No one can run away from the craziness in his eyes or get out of the way of his octopus hands. Archived from the original on For Bread Alone was written in classical Arabic, but translated via colloquial Moroccan with the assistance of the author.

His first novel, The Sheltering Skywas a bestseller in the s and was made into a film by Bernardo Bertolucci in Novel and Nation in the Muslim World: He twists the small head furiously.

Fiction Buy this book from Al Saqi Bookshop. Proud, insolent and afraid of no-one, Mohamed returns to Tangiers, where he is caught zlone in the violence of the independence riots.

On the other hand, it would also have choukkri particularly shameful to have given them to one of the countries that had formerly colonized and oppressed Morocco. Choukri’s irrepressible, ultimately indomitable spirit is most touching and human. Those people judge my works as depraved. A book to read, cherish and remember — and to show us again why we need books as well as bread.


Mohamed Choukri’s autobiographical novel For Breqd Alone describes a bleak childhood and youth in Morocco. But here, who can I desire? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This is all relatively well-known. Choukri grew to literary fame through his daring writings and his association with American writer and composer Paul Bowleswho lived in Tangier for decades.

It sounds fair enough. See also In TangierTelegram Books,for all three in one volume.

It was said to have offended by its references to teenage sexual experiences and drug abuse. How many times does Choukri find himself locked inside a room?

For the English version, Choukri transcribed the work into colloquial Moroccan Arabic from which Bowles made his translation. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The loss of innocence is not only sexual but also experiential. At the age of 20, he decided to learn how to read and write and became later a schoolteacher.

It starred Said Taghmaoui among others. His last will and testament, in which he left his entire estate to a foundation that was to be run jointly by five presidents: Samia Mehrez due to some sexually explicit passages, prompting some observers to criticize the “ban” and blame government censorship. Other characters appear and disappear without explanation and there’s little that connects with the broader world, apart from peripheral involvement in the rioting that came with independence in After a family dispute, he left his family at the age of 11 to live in Tangier.


Mohamed Choukri

Views Read Edit View history. At the age of 20, he met someone who changed his life. I don’t talk about politics or religion. He met someone who helped him learn how to read and write Classical Arabica strange language for him, and different from Moroccan Arabic and Berber which he spoke.

Help WWB bring mohaed the best new writing from around the world. Why not retranslate it into English? I considered using it as one of the books I discussed for Morocco, but before I had read very far I stopped considering it.

For Bread Alone Embed.