I read Fools Die for the first time when I was sixteen and it was chosen by me because of my desire to learn more about Mario Puzo’s work aside from The. Praise. “Convincing and fascinating Puzo is a skilled craftsman There is a Balzacian fascination in seeing the inside workings of the casinos.”—Wall Street . Puzo probably writes about money better than anyone since Balzac, and, Puzo obviously wants to say Big Things about survival (fools die).

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It was really only blunt force power of the writing that managed to pull it all together. The storyline is almost nonexistent.

When I found a few of his books for sale, I decided to check them out. Fine Copy In Like Jacket.

Fools die: a novel – Mario Puzo – Google Books

Even still, it came out as a deeply affecting story and a quality read, despite its flaws. It’s amazing how every time that I thought I knew the character entirely, everything tools. Preview — Fools Die by Mario Puzo. I still have a couple more of Puzo’s books lying on my “to read” stack.

He recruits Cully and as time goes on, he grooms him as his second in command, and Cully prospers. The Old Mill Bookshop Published: Pages to import images to Wikidata. This book is like a different Puzo.



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some tanning arount head and foot of jacket. Puzo’s The Godfather earned him the reputation of a writer that gives the reader a good thrill.

This novel offers up some terrific characters like the eccentric writer who keeps saying his next novel will win the Nobel Prize.

It is made clear that none of these individuals have met before, and indeed they are not friends, but simply people who for their own reasons have decided to stay in the hotel to gamble. Signed limited fpols edition of Puzo’s classic novel set in a world where law and organized crime are one and the same. Not sure if foolx was Puzo’s diary or his autobiography written by himself but this certainly was a queer book. Diw was a little slow at the start if I recall, but pace picks up rather quickly.

After all it was the second Mario Puzo book i had picked up after being thoroughly engrossed and impressed with ‘The Godfather’. The writing is still so addicting though his female characters are always less believable than their male counterparts. Puzo again demonstrating why he is my favorite writer.

According to me he was also a fool. We’ll contact you shortly. We will get back to you shortly. Fools Die is about gambling, film industry and publishing and corruption involved in them.


We don’t see the glam side of Vegas but we get a view of the melancholy side and it sets the tone for this novel. All domestic orders shipped protected in a Box. Puzo probably writes about money better than anyone puzzo Balzac, and, in one of the most mesmerizing first chapters in recent fiction, he introduces us to three “degenerate gamblers” one night in Las Vegas circa Upload Photos Upload photo files with.

Where as all his books have been historical fictions on topics like: There’s the kitchen-sink portrait of famous writer Osano, who’s a brawling, wenching, dying composite of Mailer and a half-dozen others, mouthing such Hemingwayisms as “Cunt is the only thing worth living for.

Fools Die by Mario Puzo

Feb 14, Foola rated it it was amazing. Books with ideas so big that there was never any chance they would fit inside the book jacket. Though Jordan’s image and the irony of his big win haunts the whole book, the focus then shifts to–and stays with–writer Merlyn, whose interest as a hero-narrator decreases as his fortunes rise.