LiveDocs. Flex LiveDocs canbeaccessedfrom langref/, or it can be downloaded from. are the links to them in the Adobe LiveDocs: • Tree: flex/3/html/ • DataGrid: Explorer Reference Flex 3 LiveDocs com/flex/3/html/ Flex 3.

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Fast development platform for business apps | 4D

Find out how 4D supports developing applications under your own brand, with your chosen business model. Select Iterate from the Script menu or click the toolbar button.

The action node is added to the script tree. When selected, the Ctrl-Shift-Alt key combination is used as the keyboard modifier for keyboard trigger events.

Software Publisher Find out how 4D supports developing applications under your own brand, with your chosen business model. A String that specifies the Header data field for click actions on Grid-type controls. No need to crawl, just unzip: When selected, the scroll bar is moved one line up in the scrolling range. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

When selected, the scroll bar is fllex one line to the right in the scrolling range.

Compiling Flex without Flex Builder – Credera

Results are also generated for unattended playback through the command line. A String that specifies the action for drag and drop operations on controls. Specify the Key Modifier to use with the keyboard event trigger.


Valid values are True and False. When selected, a mouse action triggers the event on the object. You can also edit object attributes in recorded scripts in the tree view or the code view.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. When finished navigating pages, close the browser. An Integer value that specifies the change in value for mouse scroll actions. Supports Flash application created with Flex framework. A wide range of reliable record and playback functionality across the broad suite of built-in Flex controls.

The actions used for playback will either be those that are recorded or specified manually in the Java Code view. The resulting dialog box can display the following sections and fields:. For example, Alt- key. Your applications can grow with you.

The available options and settings depend upon the type of Flex object and the specific action to perform on the object.

Remember that what you will have will be a snapshot of the live docs, so you won’t see new comments that get added to it, or revisions made by Adobe unless you download it again later.

Specifies the scroll bar detail within scroll-type controls. When selected, the scroll bar is put to the left of its scrolling range.

Load the web page where you want to start recording into the browser. I have a somewhat unstable internet connection. Specifies the object identification path used to identify the object in fflex application. Enter a script name. Select Record from the Script menu. Allows users to insert Tests to validate Adobe Flex content on playback.


Compiling Flex without Flex Builder

Specifies the index of the thumb on which to perform Livedos actions on Slider controls. The Think time should be enough time to allow the Flex control to load completely before the OpenScript test is executed. The record toolbar includes start and stop recording toolbar buttons. Talk to your 4D Account Representative.

William Leader 4 Education Recognized for 30 years as a preferred partner in the academic world, 4D supports institutions, teachers, researchers, and administrators.

When selected, the scroll bar is moved one line down in the scrolling range. When selected, the scroll action is horizontal.

You can view the progress of the script playback in the Console View. Either way, Adobe does a good job with their documentation material up-to-date and connected. The Object Library files provide a more convenient “short name” for objects to provide for more convenient programming.