Fletch () Movie Script. Read the Fletch full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and. Fletch is a American action-comedy directed by Michael Ritchie and written by Andrew . When producer Alan Greisman and screenwriter Andrew Bergman got involved Phil Alden Robinson also did some uncredited work on the script. The Fletch screenplay was penned by Andrew Bergman, who had coauthored another comedy classic, Blazing Saddles. Following the success.

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I’m breaking the drug story and I got the chief red-handed.

We are getting into the increasingly rundown section of Santa Monica. It’s only about ten feet from there to the vulnerable window, but the angle of the eave is rather steep, and the going is treacherous. She puts on a determined face, makes an awkward step and swings at the next ball, missing it completely, and letting the racket fly. I’m with the hotel dletch.


Fletch Script at IMSDb.

Now, all I get out of this is free junk. Hollywood was interested in Fletch from the start. What are you talking about? There is one way to find out.

Chief of Police help you? I got good proof it’s the Chief.


Tell me I’m right. Your husband told me he was dying of cancer. I ordered some lunch. I’d like to tell here how much I’ve always loved her. Departs at eleven PM. Yeah, well, so were my parents. Karlin asks Fletch to not run the story because undercover cops are on the beach and their lives could be put in danger with the publicity. Gail then shows up and later, Karlin. You apply the difference to next month, okay? Has it ever occurred to you I might not want to murder you, Stanwyk?

Joseph Dolen, a rather imperious physician. Everything built in teak. What’s the booking, gentlemen? I’m a reporter, Sam. Who screen;lay hell are you?


She trots back to her ball machine. Fletch sinks to the ground. Fletch gets out, checks a piece of paper, and goes up the steps to a dark-shingled two-story house.

You know the source? It could be the bypass line. Gillett shakes his head.

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I haven’t seen you there. They tell me it’ll start getting bad in about a month. He had to go in for a urinalysis.