Firstborn: A Original – Kindle edition by Brandon Sanderson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. Firstborn is a non-cosmere short story written by Brandon Sanderson published by Tor on their website. Summary[edit]. Dennison Crestmar. Firstborn by Brandon Sanderson – book cover, description, publication history.

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Dennison, sandersonn younger son of a nobleman, feels completely overshadowed by his older brother, High Admiral Varion, the greatest military genius the empire has ever known. The Fall of Reach. No trivia or quizzes yet. The Evil Librarians Series.

All my life, I didn’t give a single fck about space operas or any intergalactic shtstorm.

Firstborn is of course one of Sanderson’s early writings. Rirstborn being said, just because I saw the twists and turns coming, doesn’t mean the ride wasn’t sancerson. Pulling a gun at his father’s head, Sennion proudly stares Varion down, disavowing him as a son, right before Varion pulls the trigger.

The story revolves around Dennison trying to find his place in the universe while dealing with as well as having to deal with his perceived inadequacies when forced to confront his older brother. Sanderson, it was certainly my least favorite of his works Having made his way up there where Kern stood amidst the battle hologram, Dennison exhibits a unique intellect for battlefield scenarios; as he puts it he “grasps the concept, but not the application.

Want to Read saving…. Ratings and Reviews 3 77 star ratings 3 reviews. Feeling that the whole battle is wrong is confirmed when there is a sharp, loud sound in Dennison’s earpiece. Ordering a fistborn retreat in the hopes of catching Varion off guard the Stormwind is destroyed. After the battle, Dennison travels to meet his father for a dinner reservation that he promptly misses.


As for me, I went in with high expectations and was hoping for My biggest beef is that Dennison and Varion are drawn too much in shades of black and white: Eventhough this book is so short, its so enjoyable: Dennison CrestmarHigh Officer of the empire and brother to the Great High Officer Varion Crestmarstands aboard his flagship directing his first real battle outside of the practice room.

Is there a genre this man can’t write in?

Book Review: First Born by Brandon Sanderson | As Life Like As.

His crew, or at least one man Brellcriticises him for not being able to do a proper job. This was decent and fun to read! sanrerson

Though Kern still doesn’t trust him enough to place him in the main force. Mar 24, Claudia sandeson it did not like it Shelves: Aug 05, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: It certainly has the potential to be a book of it’s own. Twitter Facebook Pinterest Tumblr. The Legion of Flame. He might not be good at acting out his theories but he relates, with perfect precision, what is happening on each monitor and what Varion’s next move will be.

Firstborn – The Coppermind – 17th Shard

View all 8 comments. The Hero of Ages. This is Sanderson’s first published story, and it shows. Sometimes those very expectations backfire. However, one of two brothers Varion became so good at commanding and waging war, that he turned against his people. A really fun read: Seeing little hope Dennison almost resigns himself to the inevitability that Varion has already won, despite fighting ten of the best High Admirals of the Empire.

Unlike his brother who has led the empire to victory after victory, Dennison has yet still to prove himself, and he’s making a poor effort of it; he’s pessimistic, cynical, even aware that his own NCO’s don’t expect him to win, and he shows a casual attitude to proving them right.


Kings of the Wyld. Sanderson’s stories all feature natural-born leaders, usually born with powers and part of a hereditary nobility.

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The Gathering player, the magic systems in his novels are very clearly based on sanderosn his teen years as an RPGer, and while reading this short story, I pictured him pushing little cardboard chits around on a Starfleet I’ve got mixed feelings about Brandon Sanderson — I liked his Mistborn series, and I’ve gotten invested in his new doorstopper epic fantasy series The Stormlight Archivebut he’s kind of a dork and sometimes he writes dorky stuff.

What I really want to know however, is why Sanderson hasn’t written more sci-fi?? His moral may be that you have to work hard to be worthy of your destiny, but it’s still a destiny that was handed to you.

The ending felt abrupt but if I give it some thought, it does line up with the character portrayal and makes for a satisfying read nonetheless. Just a head’s up, BSands.

But instead of fulfilling that hope, his father announces Dennison’s reassignment as an adjutant and Squadron-commander to High Admiral Kern aboard the Stormwind – one of the most prestigious flagships in the entire Imperial Fleet. And the ending, which is meant as a big pay-off, left me feeling a bit flat. This whole book skirts through Denisson’s little nook behind his brother’s shadow.