By this point, Fantomina claims she is in love with Beauplaisir, and would do anything to engage in intercourse with him again. Fantomina makes excuses to her. Love as sentiment and love as a sexual response are two sides of the same coin. Both are intertwined in Eliza Haywood complex relationship. Eliza Haywood begins this turbulent tale with a charming first sentence: “Nothing is so generally coveted by Womankind, as to be accounted Beautiful; yet.

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The Dress she was in, was a round-ear’d Cap, a short Red Petticoat, and a little Jacket of Grey Stuff; all the rest of her Accoutrements were answerable to these, and join’d with a broad Country Dialect, a rude unpolish’d Air, which she, having been bred in these Parts, knew very well how to imitate, with her Hair and Eye-brows black’d, made it impossible for her to be known, or taken for any other than what she seem’d.

Fantomina [the prostitute] as playing a prostitute there are certain expectations with that role such as sex. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

I was describing the plot to my mom afterwards and screaming. Incognita sends Beauplaisir a letter promising an ardent lover if he can accept the condition of her not revealing her true name or face. A YOUNG Lady of distinguished Birth, Beauty, Wit, fwntomina Spirit, happened to be in a Box one Night at the Playhouse; where, though there were a great Number of celebrated Toasts, she perceived several Gentlemen extremely pleased themselves with entertaining a Woman who sat in a Corner of the Pit, and, by her Air and Manner of receiving them, might easily be known to be one of those who come there for no other Purpose, than to create Acquaintance with as many as seem desirous of it.

At length, We should, doubtless, Madam, said one of fantomna, willingly come into any Measures to o you, provided they are such as may bring us into no Danger, either as fantominaa our Persons or Reputations. But she wou’d not permit it, telling him she was not one of those who suffer’d themselves to be treated at their own Lodgings; and as soon as she was come in, sent a Servant, belonging to the House, to provide a very handsome Supper, and Wine, and every Thing was [Page ] serv’d to Table in a Manner which shew’d the Director ni wanted Money, nor was ignorant how it shou’d be laid out.

From thence she wrote to him, in a different Hand, a long Letter of Complaint, that he had been so cruel in fantoomina sending one Letter to her all on Time he had been absent, entreated to see him, and concluded with subscribing herself his unalterably Affectionate Fantomina. Even more so, her inability or unwillingness to seduce Beauplaisir as her true self, heavily implied as a product of a respected social status, also touches on the issue of class in 18th century British society.


The protagonist’s final identity, used by her to captivate Beauplaisir anew. But he was presently perceiving what was her Distemper, call’d the old Lady aside, and told her, it was not a Doctor of his Sex, but one of her own, her Daughter stood in need of.

The Truth by one of you shall be reveal’d. The young woman becomes increasingly enamored with the playboy, where as he loses interest in the young woman, and moves on to his next conquest. After learning about Haywood I have a loe of respect for this short read.

Fantomina: Or, Love in a Maze.

Eliza Haywood, explored these themes in her short story Fantomina: Apr 21, Angelica Cruz rated it it was amazing. He gets bored of her widow song and dance too. The following night she adorns a disguise of a prostitute and presents herself like the woman she was watching the night before and introduces herself as Fantomina. He laughed at her Simplicity, and kissing her again, tho’ less fervently than he had done before, bad her not be out of the Way when he came home at Night.

Being come into the Chariot, Beauplaisir said a thousand handsome Things to perswade her from giving way to so violent a Grief, which, he told her, would not only be distructive to her Beauty, but likewise her Health. Never did any look like you, — write like you, — bless like you; — nor did ever Man adore as I do.

It’s only like 50 pages long but halfway through I was ready to finish because of the bad writing.

Fantomina – Wikipedia

S HE kept her Promise; and charm’d with the Continuance of his eager Fondness, went not home, but into private Lodgings, whence she wrote to him to visit her the first Opportunity, and enquire for the Widow Bloomer.

Though he retain’d no more than a bare Pity and Complaisance for Fantominayet believing she lov’d him of an Excess, would not entirely forsake her, though the Continuance of his Visits was now become rather a Penance than a Pleasure. They pass’d their Time all the Play with an equal Satisfaction; but when it was over, she found herself involv’d in a Difficulty, which before never enter’d into her Head, but which she knew not well how fwntomina get over.

In an almost pervert way, she dupes and micro-manages the very man she says she loves. She wrote and published over seventy works during her lifetime including fiction, drama, translations, poetry, conduct literature and periodicals. I would, therefore, have you order it so, that he may think I am but just gone out, if he should happen by any Accident to call when I am not here; for I would not, for the World, have him imagine I do not constantly lodge here.

She was beginning to think in what Manner she [Page ] should drop these two Characters, when the sudden Arrival of her Mother, who had been some Time in a foreign Country, oblig’d her to put an immediate Stop to the Course of her whimsical Adventures. Love in a Maze – Camdram”. Her grief prompts him to try to raise her spirits, which results in them having sex fantomjna an inn along the way.


Secret History

It is truely Love in a Maze. Her Tears, however, and the Destraction she appeared in, after the ruinous Extasy was past, as it heighten’d his Wonder, so it abated his Satisfaction: Starting with her author herself, Haywood is a woman published during a time when women were just ornamental extensions of their male counterparts. I told her I was reading a somewhat smutty early eighteenth century novel for one of my Master’s classes.

Fantomina manipulates the constraints put on her because of her gender to satisfy her desire for sex, already thought to be an inherently masculine desire to have.

Whereas impoverished women were portrayed as seductive temptresses. In fine, her Habit and her Air were so much chang’d, that she was not more difficult to be known in the rude Country Girlthan she was now in the sorrowful Widow.

Three or four Times did she open her Mouth to confess her real Quality; but the influence of her ill Stars prevented it, by putting an Excuse into her Head, which did the Business as well, and at the same Time did not take from her the Power of seeing and entertaining him a second Time with the same Freedom she had done this.

To get around these fantominaa restrictions, the young lady takes on the first of many aliases as she explores her sexuality.

Below are some of the insights I gleaned from the novella when I read it during a college English course. Bloomer appeared to need an assistance from our highlighted male to safely arrive to London to collect her inheritance money before her deceased family members. Fantomina’ s ending, neither true to the “persecuted maiden” genre nor true to the marriages of Restoration comedies, is ambiguous.

The second being that a story that divulged in sexual desire and appetite, deceit and fooling came from the mind of a woman were all the more shocking. I r A pantomime of a very strange sort. This, indeed, must be said of Beauplaisirthat he had a [Page ] greater Share of good Nature than most of his Sex, who, for the most part, when they are weary of an Intreague, break it entirely off, without any Regard to the Despair of the abandon’d Nymph.

It’s a thought provoking read and definitely not the worse I have had to read. Admittedly, my personal annoyance at this being the take away caused me to give it such a low rating. She received in one Day Answers to both these. Bloomer a more mature widow characteras Incognita the one who is not to be known and as herself to the end unnamed.