The front mounted winch fitted to Land-Rover models used different types and style of shear pin: Fairey Winch – uses threaded shear pin. Aeroparts Winch – up to. Unipart House. Cowley, Oxford 0X4 2PG. Telephone: Oxford () Telex: Cables: UNIPART Oxford. FRONT RECOVERY CAPSTAN WINCH. Capstan Winch for Series II lla, and III Land Rovers -. ✓. PAS. Supplied and Manufactured by: AEROPARTS ENGINEERING CO. LTD., (R.T.Z.-Pillar Group).

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A laser cut reproduction support plate for the aeroparts capstan winches. Mounting brackets, winch, pto arm with spring, mount, etc.

The parts which are in front of the All times are GMT Some might have minor surface rust from storage. One reproduction fairlead for the Fairey Capstan Winches. Fairey Capstan Winch – Actuating Spring. One replacement part for the Fairey Capstan screwed thrust plug oil seal retainer.

Originally Posted by Wolf Fabrication Any idea the vintage? Anyone else hazard a value?? I finally had a chance to revisit this.


Originally Posted by evilfij. Thread starter JayHoe Start date May 10, This plate is a heavy duty version, made from 4 mm steel and it is galvan A reproduction gasket for the Fairey Capstan Winch.

A remanufactured Aeroparts Cpstan drive line for the 2. Rare version with a tall bollard. One remanufactured selector lever bottom part for the Front Recover Capstan Winches. Ron bought an entire Ca;stan just for the winch For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Series Landrover Fairey Capstan Winch – Complete Setup

Messages 7, Points Age Want to take the LR plunge, opinions on Replacement gaskets for the Aeroparts Capstan Winches. Fairey Capstan Winch – Ball Bearing. One re manufactured drain plug for the Aeroparts Capstan Winches.

Aeroparts Capstan Winch – Winch Label. This one fits the engines with a 5 bearing crank. I believe the serial number is something like SG, but I could be way off. Fairey winch roller fairlead. June 4th, So views on that anyone? Some pics of it I am wondering if I should sell it or not to help fairrey my rebuild. Yes it’s the thought of not having to mess with wire rope and the flexibility that made me go for one.


Value of Fairey Capstan winch? – Defender Source

One remanufactured bracket set for the 1. Aeroparts Capstan Winch – Drain Plug.

Capztan 47 Points Ideal for classic or modern car brakes – to lubricate and protect shoe pivot points, calliper pins, handb JayHoe Extreme Landy Fan. Aeroparts Capstan Winch – Drive Line 2. Landrover Defender Capstan Winch – Used.

The original operating shafts are often bend. This shear pin is for operatio Replacement parts for the support bracket kit. Should have asked, how is it driven, mechanically or electramactricity??? How essential is it to fit a hand throttle as I’m assuming there is lots of torque even with the engine capstaan tickover. Replacement gaskets for the Front Recovery Capstan Winches. I looked at the winch today but forgot to take pics.