EXOSKELETON – A Novel Psychological thriller, horror, and science fiction all in one Shane Stadler © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. View Desktop Version . SynopsiS (Exoskeleton). ​ called the Exoskeleton, of which he becomes the tortured, organic innards. Shane Stadler © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The latest Tweets from Shane Stadler (@Exo). Novelist, physicist, professor, and physics textbook author check out my sci-fi/horror novel EXOSKELETON.

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But just as the exoskeleton exosskeleton had the ability to judge just how far it exskeleton push Thompson, Stadler has the ability to judge just how far exoskelfton can push his readers. In doing so, he unknowingly signs up to be tortured.

However, the vioence is proportionate to the story and I would encourage anyone struggling at the start of the story to stick with it. But I’m very happy I read it. Wow – this is the first novel in a long time which I have felt compelled to read in one sitting. I loved the narration from all different angles. As a crime writer, I do have one complaint: The sense of tension in the action parts is lost in his melodic voice.

What Will has to face is fuelled with dread after realizing the project is essentially a worn torture devise that is designed to make the prisoner confess to their crimes all the while sustaining relentless levels of anguish. Comment Name Email Website.

This is why it’s so hard to believe that this is the author’s first book. Imagine the ten worst medieval torture devices rolled into one then notched up to the nth degree and this gives you some idea of what the subject suffers. I read a lot of his work since. As a reader, you empathize with Will as he’s tortured mentally and physically. The tortures are in vivid detail.


An innocent man Will Thompson is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, and is given the choice of 25 years in a penitentiary or one year in an experimental program. As many reviewers have already commented, the torture scenes in the story are very well described and this makes this novel a difficult read at times. The kinds of torture he is subjected to whilst confined inside a metal torture suit This book will make you think twice about where you take a leak.

This book was both repulsive and sickened me to my core but also gripping and I could put it down. So I’m really looking forward to Shane’s next offering. This is at least partially due to the crossing of genres horror to SF to supernatural — it catches readers off guard.

Meet author Shane Stadler @Exo #HorrorLounge — Lounge Books

Worth the read but not a second glance. We find ourselves rabidly turning page after page to unveil the ultimate fate. Exoskeleton utilizes several exkskeleton fiction and horror tropes: Kids love being a little scared, check out these fab new books for Halloween bedtime. Some of the perpetrators are dyed-in-the-wool sadists, it is true, but most of them are “just doing their job” or believe that their actions serve the greater good, which I found much more chilling than the traditional “me villain, you victim” relationship.

Oct 03, Kerry rated it it was amazing. The book has a good plot which is character driven. Do not let bad people corrupt you into doing their bad deeds.

Nov 24, Heather exlskeleton it it was amazing. Thompson Their predilections surface when ever any possible control casts a blind eye. My favourite horror short stories. May 10, RedemptionDenied rated it really liked it. Wonderfully written, scientific details on its best, and the plot – amazingly conceived.

The narrator was good but not great. Hunting for Monster Tales. Will Thompson has been convicted of a crime with circumstantially evidence and some potentially bought testimony.



Scare your kids silly. He is either very talented or has very good editors. I wanted to shake the protagonist for naively believing everything he had been told during his ordeal, and then believing the FBI agents that came to his room.

Exo did pretty well, so we signed another contract for Exo II: I stayed up tonight to finish this book. Oct 27, Jami rated ahane really liked it Shelves: He chooses the latter and as he begins his treatment and is introduced to the Exoskeleton, he is driven to to very limits of his physical satdler psychological boundaries. It’s a fast, compelling read, and the details are riveting. I don’t know if I just got off to a bad start due to the audiobook, or stasler I was never going to like this book as much as I hoped.

It is incredibly well written and stadlrr premise of the story is original and terrifying. Jun 22, Pam rated it it was ok. And he wasn’t only being robbed of his future, but also his past; all of his hard work, the respect of his family, his fiancee, career, and friends And I believe in good.

This book will make you think twice about where you take a leak. This experimental program turns out to be days of torture. Preview — Exoskeleton by Shane Stadler. Jun 24, Ryan Hill rated it really liked it.

Jun 18, Brittney Martinez rated it it was amazing. But would the authorities resort to such extreme measures merely to extract a confession? His alleged victim has been confined to a coma and all DNA evidence has gone mysteriously stadlwr.