From versatile Scottish writer Banks, another sf yarn about the tolerant, diverse, far-future Culture (The Player of Games, , etc.). Set in the remote future, Banks’s (Feersum Endjinn) latest novel mounts a galactic-scale space opera, or, to be more exact, a space opera buffa. The Culture, a. Joining me for this review of the fourth book in Iain M. Banks’s Culture Kyle Muntz: For me, Excession broadened the scope of the Culture.

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Nanks fully appreciate the beauty of the weapon was to admit to a kind of shortsightedness close to blindness, to confess to a sort of stupidity. Dajeil sipped her own drink, feeling its warmth make its way down her throat. This novel kept my attention much better than the previous novels, but honestly, I think I liked those previous ones better on the re-read than the first shot.

Various elements of the Culture and other Galactic small-c cultures prepare for contact, for cooptation, and There’s no trillion-year-old sun-cinder this time, but an apparently identical artifact is just sitting there. I’ve not described it very well, but basically you have the intimate story of the various people; Bnaks Hofoen, Dajeil, and Ulver Seich who are brought bans stories of past events Genar Hofoen and Dajeil both becoming pregnant, after Hofoen sublimates from male to female; their falling apart ; both complex and simple.

Basically the premise is that an unknown entity bakns been discovered somewhere in the known universe; has done something with the ship that discovered it and set a course of action that might result in a full-scale galactic war. There have been some pretty aggressive races in the series, but I think only the Affront have been completely cruel.

He supposed he could have stayed awake the night before when he’d first discovered his uncle’s hologram waiting for him; he could have glanded something to keep him bright banls awake and receptive and got all this over with then, but he’d known he’d end up paying for it eventually and besides, he wanted to show them that just because they’d gone to the trouble of persuading his favourite uncle to record a semantic-signal-mind-abstract-state or whatever the hell the module had called it, he still wasn’t going to jump just because they said so.


EXCESSION by Iain M. Banks | Kirkus Reviews

Banks that he submitted The Wasp Factory for publication. Feb 28, Chanda rated it it was amazing. Fivetide snorted derisively and dodged briefly to one side, apparently attempting to stick one tentacle-end up the anus of a passing Fleet Captain, who wrestled the tentacle aside and snapped his beak aggressively before joining in Fivetide’s laughter and exchanging the heartfelt hellos and thunderous tentacle-slaps of dear friends. I loved too many of the characters — ships and humans and drones and Affronter alike — to let them go.

Banks brings to Excessionthe fourth novel in the Culture universe, a space opera of grand scope – reminding again the style of the first book, Consider Phlebas – but using multiple narratives and points of view for the development of the plot, giving a stronger feeling of complexity than before, and also bringing a large cast of characters – humanoids, aliens, drones and Minds – that create a tale of epic scale, proving of how greater level he had reached his writing and his imagination over the years.

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They look after whole swaths of the humanoid Culture as though they were ant farms, but ant farms where you knew everything about each ant, down to its hopes and dreams.

The single strand of excesion incandescence began near the far, iaij horizon, stretched across the sky and disappeared over the foliage-strewn lip of the two-thousand-metre-high cliff a kilometre behind the beach and the single tower. The morsel sailed through the air in an elegant trajectory that ended with Fivetide barely having to rise from his place to snap his beak shut on it. Tastes like I’ve had me beak up me arsehe thought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.


Now the current state of the. And they are the real starts of this novel. Oct 03, Tyan rated it it exccession amazing. Why can’t I wake up? Look to Windward and this one, Excession. The drone flicked part of its attention back inside, to the sealed cores in its mind substrate with their warning notices.

Of course, the BDO big dumb object is nothing of the sort. Diplomat Byr Genar-Hofoen has been selected by the Culture to undertake a delicate and dangerous mission. It was built, designed to glory in destruction, when it was considered appropriate. Want to Read saving….

The book features a large collection of Culture ship namessome of which give subtle clues about the roles these ships’ Minds play in the story. You may also like. Two societies that – compared to the Culture – show how widely opposite they are through their rules and their beliefs excesson live with. The term is coined by Banks for the purpose of this novel, and described as follows:.

It was ours, was it not? Biography of a Place September 3, I love the Minds!

Excession by Iain M. Banks

Fivetide extended a tentacle and rummaged around on the tray, knocking things over. Dajeil carefully tucked a stray strand of her long, night-black hair back beneath her wxcession hair band and nodded to the tall figure making its way between the twisted trunks.

I have read all the novels of Iain M Banks and I read Excession first in the year it was published in paperback inand I have reread this book several times since. I suggest you do the banis, obviously, but from what I can see, what I’ve been told is the truth.