Search for Senna (Everworld #1) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When David’s girlfriend Senna is swallowed up by the. KA Applegate did a Reddit IAMA session in The implication seems to be that her decision to stop writing the Everworld novels was driven by dramatically . Everworld series (12 books), by K. A. Applegate (and Michael Grant of the arrival of the alien god Ka-Anor, who feasts on the Everworld gods.

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Seller information ellenwoodmedia Plus, just, Everworld is a dark ensemble action-adventure through varied worlds of myth, which means it’s catnip for me. It’s the only way to stop us. Christopher literally says, “This was fun, in an insane kind of way, but I have a life. The main characters are deeply flawed, which is also more real but makes them less endearing than the Animorphs gang. This is more like they took one big book and then cut it into smaller sections, so the story doesn’t end at all in each book.

I think I’ll still keep rereading as long as it strikes my fancy, as there are eleven more books. And actually, it’s a lot more unforgiving than I remembered.

Looksie Lovitz Busting the Newbie Blue Even the lack of litany helped.

Jul 28, Michaela June rated it did not like it. I also had two personal nitpicks The Egyptians — they were the powerhouses of their hay day.


Everworld Series

Or even if — and applegwte could be Ka Anor’s history — the Hetwan had other gods initially, but Ka Anor consumed them, forced the Hetwan into servitude and then brought them to Everworld? It was one of those situations that I like in novels where its all about who knows what, and no one else except Cenna knew. Even as a black dude I felt they were a few times too applehate on Christopher.

And to think it is a series with 12 books. The Mermen act as guards and are part of Neptune ‘s army. Applegate didn’t do that at all. They always say “jewels” when referring to testicles.

Everworld Series by Katherine Applegate

There is Roman and a Greek version aapplegate the city. Kids surviving against all odds are always my guilty pleasure books. Literature Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Because he was dumb enough to join the final battle. The lands of the Irish are protected by the Fiannans, a special order of knights.

Explanation of rating system: Many gods were in the Everworld series.

Though aliens, the Hetwan have no high-tech weaponry. Hopefully not too far into the future.

I kinda thought the concept was interesting, but it got really big really fast kka there was a lot to deal with.

I love his struggle, and how his wins will never to measure up to his losses. Report item – everwlrld in a new window or tab. This series was so suspenseful that I ate it up. Who is reading this crap and why? A few places where most people get to be born and live their lives without total horror being rained down on them, and your reaction is, ‘This has to stop! Thrown into this new world the teens have to find ways to avoid death seemingly at every turn.

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I have the 10th book or something and was wondering if I could just go ahead and read it without worrying about spoilers for the earlier books. Sign up for newsletter.

Search for Senna (Everworld, #1) by Katherine Applegate

Each book is ecerworld by one of the four teens, and slowly their inner thoughts, morals, feelings, fears, and personal demons are explored. Enter the Enchanted by Katherine Applegate.

Imagine Jeffrey Dahmer thinking someone else was really a hard-core psycho.

They are pretty great books, all in all. Their knowledge also may have come from the Druidswho are ordered by colors; the “yellow” druids being those in the study of electricity and technology.