supervisory control and monitoring systems, the Eurotherm® Mini8® The Mini8 controller can multi-drop on either serial, fieldbus or Ethernet and offers a. Eurotherm Mini 8 Multi-Loop Controller. Eurotherm by Schneider Electric Mini 8 Multiloop Controller Mini8. $ Specifications: Mini 8 Datasheet (PDF). The Mini8 Controller is a compact DIN Rail mounting 16 loop PID . Eurotherm Limited pursues a policy of continuous development and product improvement.

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Mechanical Details Cut-out dimensions Click to enlarge.

The benefits of two-leg versus three leg power control, in three phase heating applications. The Mini8 is a very cost effective alternative to implementing control loops in PLC. New power knowledge white paper.

Mini8 Loop Controller

The open communications nature of the Mini8 makes communication to third party equipment easy to achieve. By devolving control to the Mini8 instrument, the PLC can concentrate on providing fast and effective logic control without the processing burden of running complex control algorithms.

You have no items in your minni8 cart. Eueotherm a local connection is required or access from the other side of the world, the Series provides secure access to process data when and where you need it. Implementing these functions in the Mini8 controller reduces the hardware cost minl8 the PLC, relieving it of the burden of performing analog functions — often allowing a lower specification processor to be used.

The benefits of two-leg versus three leg power control, in three phase heating applications Download here. Customer support Technical helpdesk. Setpoint programmer Setpoints can be programmed to follow a series of time based Ramp and Dwell segments.


An optional current transformer input module can be fitted to provide rapid detection of a heater load failure, overcurrent as well as SSR short or open circuit. Heater failure detection is compatible with both single or three phase load installations.

Eurotherm Series The Series is designed to provide powerful, yet easy to use, network and communication options. Data acquisition with the Eurotherm Mini8 Mini8’s high density analogue inputs combined with Eurotherm’s Series recorders provide unsurpassed local and network access to your process. No Board Fitted TC8: Standard configurations can be pre-ordered to suit different Mini8 applications or users can use the VT configuration tools to create their own customized view of their process.

This feature ensures that action can quickly be taken to rectify a fault — minimising downtime and improving product yields.

Mini8 Loop Controller

Join us on Facebook. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It can control up to 8 temperature zones, each configurable as heat only or heat-cool. Mini 8 Datasheet PDF. We use cookies to provide you with a better onsite experience. It is also mkni8 very flexible controller capable of implementing complex control strategies.

The user can control and view information from the Eueotherm from either the TFT touch screen display or from any PC connected to the network. Humidity, Load diagnostics, User wiring.

Its four plug-in slots can accommodate a variety of IO modules, and its feature set, ranged to suit simple multi-loop and data acquisition applications up to complex strategies including setpoint programming. The standard plastics configuration can be customized to specific application by using the iTools Graphical Wiring Editor. It is also a very competitive and compact data acquisition device. Parameter addresses are fixed in one location and do ehrotherm move depending on how the unit is configured.


Eurotherm Mini8~Multi loop controller | Pics

Heater Failure Detection Utilizing a unique cycling algorithm, and mihi8 transformer input module, the Mini8 can automatically scan electrical heaters connected to its logic control outputs and indicate heater partial load failure, over current or SSR ehrotherm and open circuit.

No Board Fitted AO4: The Mini8 controller is the ideal partner to a programmable logic controller PLC. Read our latest case studies and Successes. Each Mini8 can store up to 50 programs with an overall total of segments.

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Able to multi-drop on either serial, fieldbus or Ethernet communications, it offer s a real, cost-effective alternative to performing analog measurement or loop control in a PLC. It is able to multi-drop on either serial, Ethernet or Fieldbus communications and it offers a real, cost-effective alternative to performing loop control or analog measurement in a PLC.

The Mini8 controller is the ideal partner to a programmable logic controller PLC. The Eurotherm cooling algorithm can be optimized for fan or water cooling ensuring optimum control even at high extruder speeds.