Bibliografía de Aristóteles. OBRAS DE ARISTÓTELES. 1) Eudemo (Acerca del alma), 2) Político, 3) Sofista, 4) Menéxeno, 5) Banquete, 6) Grilo. Buy Ética a Eudemo II (Spanish Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews – Amazon. com. Kindle Edition. by Aristóteles (Author) 1 CAPÍTULO I: DEL VALOR. by Aristóteles (Author) La felicidad humana es la actividad perfecta del alma en un tiempo pleno. También aparece un análisis de la kalokagathía como virtud abarcadora, que es muy semejante al que se encuentra en la Ética a Eudemo.

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The crawfish or spiny-lobster can get the better of fishes even of the larger species, though in some of them it occasionally finds more than its match.

Aristóteles y la ley del mar – mondopulpo

Alm say that the octopus devours its own species, but this statement is incorrect; it is doubtless founded on the fact that the creature is often found with its tentacles removed, which tentacles have really been eaten off by the conger Crustaceans feed in like manner. The conger-eel, however, devours the octopus, for owing to the slipperiness of its antagonist the octopus can make nothing of it. All personal information that you provide here will be governed by the Privacy Policy of Blogger.


The octopus for the most part gathers shellfish, extracts the flesh, sobr feeds on that; in fact, fishermen recognize their holes by the number of shells lying about. Whatever it catches, it puts into its mouth with its pincer-like claws, like the sobe crab. Molluscs are all carnivorous; and of molluscs the calamary and the sepia are more than a match for fishes even of the large species. Powered by Blogger and Blogger Templates.

The crawfish can master the conger-eel, for owing to the rough spines of the crawfish the eel cannot slip away and elude its hold.

Aristotle -The History of Animals. They are omnivorous; sbre is to say, they live on stones, slime, sea-weed, and excrement-as for instance the rock-crab-and are also carnivorous.

Thus, this animal is so overmastered and cowed by the octopus that it dies of terror if it become aware of an octopus in the same net with itself. So much for the mode of life of the crustacean. These animals fight one another with their claws, just as rams fight with their horns, aristotelles them and striking their opponents; they are often also seen crowded together in herds.


The crawfish feeds on little fish, capturing them beside its hole or dwelling place; for, by the way, it is found out at sea on rough and stony bottoms, and in such places it makes its den. About me I’m Spyder From My profile.

Its nature is to walk straight forward when it has nothing to fear, with its feelers hanging sideways; if it be frightened, eidemo makes its escape backwards, darting off to a great distance.