Etherpad: Really real-time collaborative document editing – ether/etherpad-lite. This plugin for Etherpad-Lite exports pad in a document .odt,.doc,.pdf), with images for embedded pictures. Use the ‘soffice’ command. Only tested on Linux for. I’m an (in)active committer to and I’m fairly sure there doesn’t exist any bulk export features. Anyway, what good is.

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ImportFromEtherpad attempts to support all versions of etherpad that support either html or mediawiki export, including Etherpad classic used by etherpad. Select whichever expoft most appropriate etuerpad your use case:.

ImportFromEtherpadnavigate directly to that special page, type “Special: Email Required, but never shown. Views Read View source View history. This Etherpad module auto-scroll down the pad when the content is modified. Upgrading is painless — etherpad has built in features to upgrade the database as needed, so just pull from the git repository.

Convert Chaos Communication Congress schedule into pads for expotr translation team. On MozillaWiki, you must be logged in and have the ability to edit pages in order to see the page. An Etherpad Lite plugin that generates thumbnail previews of pads on creation and update.

Available Etherpad plugins

Peter Murray-Rust’s question and Friedrich Lindenberg’s suggestion: Share and edit documents in real-time. Lightweight and modular alternative to shareJS. Retrieved from ” https: The extension exportt to preserve the formatting of the etherpad while creating the cleanest and simplest wiki markup possible. Etuerpad perhaps pick a release tag like 1.

You can ask for help in wikicontact the developer directly, or file issues on github. So probably, you’ll need a custom export script. A Etherpad based on node.


Etherpad-liteInstallation – Community Help Wiki

Below is some helpful information on how to use the Import from Etherpad extension. John McLear 1 8 Sign up using Facebook. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Does it suffice to get the plain text export? Displays an info section in pad settings exposing the software used and the current git revision. John who runs PrimaryPad might have something to sell, or if you have your own coders you could create a custom pad template with your wanted formatting, and add or dig out a feature to fill in that template with also the chat history.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Anyway, what good is export without import. Once on the page, enter the link to the etherpad with http or https as well as the name of the wiki page you would like to create or update:.

I have a script to do that programmatically. In our experience, the best way to format your etherpad for best results when importing into the wiki is to use a mix of built-in etherpad formatting and wiki markup. Provides a route that authenticates the user with the provided sessionID parameter and redirects to the given padName. You need to use the migration tool that will migrate from the old Etherpad to the latest Etherpad.


Help:Import From Etherpad – MozillaWiki

This page was last modified on 10 Aprilat Updating Etherpad is really easy to do, just clone github. Adds an embedded Freenode Web chat client and autojoins to a list of specified channels.

If you have questions not answered below, feel free to ask the developer ckoehler via irc or email. Post as a guest Name. You can find a complete list of open issues on Github. Promised based query to etherpad-lite. Groups and private pads for etherpad. Tools for other epxort. Displays a button that will allow anyone to fully delete the pad they’re viewing.

Exports a pad to a MoinMoin wiki. Namespaces Help page Discussion. ImportFromEtherpad is a special page extension that enables wiki users to create pages from etherpads. Do you have direct access to the etherpad DB? Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Linebreak Plugin for Etherpad Lite.

Sign up using Email and Password. If your target wiki page dtherpad exists, you will be prompted to replace it or to append the etherpad’s content to it. I’m an in active committer to http: Automatically disconnects user after some period of time.

In some cases this means that the wiki page produced will not look exactly like the source etherpad, but should be readable as-is and easy to clean up.