Request PDF on ResearchGate | Espondilolisis cervical con espondilolistesis | A case of bilateral spondylolysis with spondylolisthesis involving the cervical. AO classification of upper cervical injuries · AO classification of subaxial injuries · Anderson and D’Alonzo classification (odontoid fracture); Levine and Edwards. Espondilolistesis: En este artículo se presenta una publicación en la que se describe la de una novedosa y avanzada técnica quirúrgica de tratamiento de la espondilolistesis, llevada a .. RM cervical con estenosis de canal por osteofitos.

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Minimally invasive direct lateral interbody fusion with percutaneous pedicle screw placement. Pectus excavatum Pectus carinatum.

Initial weakness using the right hand in the first 2 weeks. Hospital Universitario de Salamanca. Lateral standing radiograph showing espondilolostesis positioning of the instrumentation without signs of malplacement or pseudarthrosis.

Cervical Radiculopathy

In 5 cases, L4 —S1 instrumentation was placed, while in the other 3 cases, surgery consisted of transdiscal L5 —S1 fixation. Schmorl’s nodes Degenerative disc disease Spinal disc herniation Facet joint arthrosis. J Bone Joint Surg Am Low-back pain lasting longer than 2 years was the main symptom in all the cases, radiating to the lower extremities mainly at the pelvic girdle. Intraoperative photograph showing the use of a navigated awl-tap for transdiscal screw placement.

The main objective of surgical treatment of spondylolisthesis is to decompress and fuse the vertebrae, with or without reduction of the slipped vertebra. Deforming dorsopathies Congenital disorders of musculoskeletal system. The prevalence of this condition is not well defined. Coughing and sneezing can intensify the pain.


A slip or fracture of the intravertebral joint is usually acquired between the ages of 6 and 16 years, but remains unnoticed until adulthood. Critically revising the article: It is published every 2 months 6 issues per year.

Other symptoms may include tingling and numbness.

All manuscripts are submitted for review by experts in the field peer review and are carried out anonymously double blind. This study is a retrospective review of HGS cases in which patients underwent surgery with transdiscal L5—S1 fixation between cervidal at our institution.

Spondylolisthesis | Radiology Reference Article |

Grading of slippage was assessed according to the classification of Meyerding. Copyright date Collins Dictionary of Medicine. Her surgeon advises her that she will need revision surgery. Acheiropodia Ectromelia Phocomelia Amelia Hemimelia. Transdiscal screw versus pedicle screw fixation for high-grade L5-S1 isthmic spondylolisthesis in patients younger than 60 years: VIII Curso basico tecnica neuroquirurgica.

The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two receding years. Hand intrinsic weakness, C8-T1 foraminal stenosis from an uncovertebral osteophyte.

A year-old female with progressive numbness and tingling in her bilateral upper extremities, and complaints of frequently dropping objects MRI shown in Figure A. Clin Orthop Surg 3: These authors cited 4 main advantages to this approach: Views Read Edit View history. SNIP measures contextual citation impact by wighting citations based on the total number of citations in a subject field. In this technique, pedicle screws are inserted obliquely through the pedicle of S-1 in an anteromedial direction to the sacral promontory.


Which angle in Figure A-E best illustrates the measurement of pelvic incidence. Some patients also had lower-extremity symptoms attributable to radiculopathy.

L7 – years in practice. One of the largest series, published by Collados-Maestre et al. Pain significant in the first 2 weeks and gradually getting better and is under control on Pregabalin 75 mg BD. Axial CT images showing the proper placement of screws from the S-1 insertion point through the L-5 vertebral body. There was no significant difference between preoperative and postoperative values for any of the spinopelvic parameters Table 1.

Laryngoscopy of the vocal cords demonstrates abnormal function of the vocal cords on the left hand side. Once the instrumentation was finished, another fluoroscopic 3D scan is performed to check that all screws were correctly positioned Fig.

Revision ACDF with a left-sided approach due to superior laryngeal nerve palsy. What physical findings would be expected if this were the case? In patients with radiculopathy, a hemilaminectomy and foraminotomy of the affected root were performed.

Currently some subjective weakness. Red arrow is a break in pars interarticularis. A comparison of Likert and visual analogue scales for measuring change in function.

The etiology, X-ray findings and treatment are commented. Cervixal denies symptoms in his right arm. Six patients were starting exercise and 2 had returned to their jobs.