2, Knowledge Management, knw01, Ongoing, 4, Policy, Share knowledge, Establish and implement a policy to share knowledge among srakeholders. 3, knw 1 The esourcing Capability Model for Service Providers (escm SP) v i The escm SP v Model Overview The esourcing Capability Model for Service. The eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers (eSCM-SP) V, Part 1 – Model Overview. CMU-ITSQC Pittsburgh, PA: IT Services Qualification.

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At the first, an invitational workshop conducted at Carnegie Mellon University in Fallparticipants confirmed the need for the Model and provided input to improve it. Service Measurement Index Framework Version 2.

Publications Archive: eSCM-SP v2.01, Part 1

Sourcing is often highly dependant on specialized competencies, without which personnel cannot effectively perform the work assigned to them. Assessment and Impact Abstract When evaluating your supply esvm, no gap should exist between where your suppliers capabilities end and your capabilities.

In addition, many clients need to renegotiate sourcing contracts and reevaluate their choice in service providers.

Proactively Enhancing Value 33 Table 3. Twenty percent of respondents to an InformationWeek survey said that their outsourcing experiences had not met their expectations. Rigorously analyzing the reasons for termination and taking action based on the findings helps to prevent issues from recurring with other clients and ensure the long-term success of the service provider.

This document provides valuable information about the escm SP, its implementation, and methods to evaluate and certify service providers.

The escm SP v Model Overview – PDF

An even greater number of respondents said they are likely to outsource more of these business-related functions and processes in the future [Canada Newswire ]. Also, while these frameworks have been applied to sourcing, they do not readily provide methods to assess the capabilities of IT-enabled service providers to establish, manage, and improve relationships with clients.


January 13, Contents Executive summary More information. Start display at page:. This ability to extend esxm geographical boundaries has contributed to the growth of esourcing and has made possible the formation of a wide variety of sourcing relationships. A frequent cause of failure in sourcing is that the service esccm does not fully understand the needs of the client.

Some of these frameworks emphasize a level of structure that may interfere with success in a long-term sourcing engagement, where flexibility and adaptability are important. f2.01

Download “The escm SP v2. Should Costing Identify should cost elements early in the design phase, and enable cost down initiatives Version 1. Consistently Meeting Requirements 32 Figure 9. Acknowledgments This effort was made possible through the assistance of many individuals. The Sourcing Phases represented the temporality of the Practices; some Practices were relevant to a particular Sourcing Phase, while others covered multiple Phases.

Figure 2 provides a graphic so of these sourcing relationships. Managing knowledge is critical to a service provider s ability to avoid rework and improve the consistency and quality of work performed by personnel.

ITSqc Publications Archive: eSCM-SP v, Part 1

While most of the literature review was conducted during the development of v1. These objectives are not specific to any engagement e. The most successful sourcing engagements are those where the service provider is able to be flexible and responsive to clients changing needs.

Keywords escm, escm SP, esourcing Capability Model, service provider model, quality models and systems, capability models, business process outsourcing, IT-enabled sourcing, esourcing, IT-enabled services, outsourcing, outsourcing models, sourcing.

The escm SP v2.01: Model Overview

A frequent concern of clients who consider sourcing is that in-house knowledge will be eroded, making it impossible to bring sourced services back in-house. Towards better managed Grids. Capability Maturity Model, Capability More information. Applying frameworks to esourcing The combination of high growth and significant failures in esourcing esdm a growing need: Poorly written contracts are a common cause of failure in sourcing, resulting in a significant number of contracts being renegotiated.


Other standards that have been recently released or under development that may be pertinent to IT-enabled services include the following:. Even if each of these frameworks provides a significant value-added increment to a service provider s capability, the diversity of emphases and perspectives could be counter-productive.

The escm SP v2. In the s organizations started to outsource parts of their data processing operations to external service providers in an effort to achieve significant dscm savings. In all, this report makes recommendations in 14 areas, such as. Successful providers also recognize that needs change over time and establish provisions for gathering and analyzing modifications to their services.

After significant evaluation and revision, the escm for Service Providers escm SP v1.

Perhaps more daunting is the observation that clients may impose a variety of these frameworks on their service providers. ITIL is esscm registered trademark of the U. Service design and deployment activities focus on designing the delivery processes, setting up a technology infrastructure, and managing the skills needed for v.201 delivery.

Transforming your Metrics Program with the right set of Silver Bullets. The draft Practices and framework for each version were reviewed and discussed with a Technical Advisory Board.

Collaborative Virtual Teams Executive Summary Every support executive is well aware of the immense challenges of delivering effective and efficient customer. The s and s witnessed the establishment of some landmark outsourcing agreements that involved dp shifting of entire IT operations to external service providers. As other frameworks are revised or introduced, their impact on the escm SP is analyzed.

In addition to these factors, recent advances in network security, leased lines, and ap have made it technically easy to outsource [Gardner ].