Criterio: Global Deterioration Scale GDS (Escala de deterioro global) de Reisberg estadío menor de 4 (GDS 1,2 y 3); Que acepten entrar en el estudio y firmen. ESCALA DE DETERIORO GLOBAL (GDS) de Reisberg. ESCALA DE DETERIORO GLOBAL (GDS) de Reisberg. Top Nonfiction on Scribd. View More. Se seleccionó una muestra de sujetos para aplicar las escalas, de los . cognitive impairment, regarding the Global Impairment Scale by Reisberg ().

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Usually an actuation component activates the perception components it requires and the child actuation components if any that implement its control decisions. Results Descriptive Analyses and Comparisons between Groups Table 2 shows the descriptives of the two groups in all neuropsychological tests used in the study, as well as deteiroro U statistic for between-group comparisons and its significance.

Trained and specialized staff feterioro from the CPCI conducted the assessment in two sessions. The scripts are generated and stored in text files. American Journal of Psychiatry, 9 Experiments with real dementia patients have been performed in collaboration with a centre of research in neurological diseases.

Aula Abierta, 39 2 For that purpose, the criteria by Petersenwere necessary for the diagnosis of Mild cognitive Impairment: The patient interacted with the robots, the animals and the therapists to perform several therapeutic activities, including: These elder people constitute an important collectivity that must be reinforced in a full, effective and meaningful way on the part of Administration.

The role of companion animals and robopets in the promotion of health and well-being. Voxel-based morphometric analyses of MRI and naming difficulty in alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia and corticobasal degeneration.

Caregivers and Dementia Patients Choices of Robotic Sscala When we look at the last column we can directly see which group is prominent. We can, however, with certainty state that cat, seal and dog are well liked, whereas koala, monkey and penguin are less liked. Ageing is the result of living moments in previous stages of life, so we have to understand that we cannot extemporize, it is part of the vital process.

This module and the session monitor use ICE as communication middleware, both in the robot side and geisberg the Android side of the system smartphone or tablet Figure Within this investigation, new lines of work based in the free time, lonely, self esteem and self are opened to elderly people with MCI. Assessments were realized before and after the study sessions.



Subsequently, we used a control equipped with buttons and accelerometers Wiimote for the therapist to control the movement of the robot. It describes how both caregivers and dementia patients in Spain and The Netherlands were exposed to alternatives and asked to make a choice for the one they considered most suitable or felt most attracted to.

A cross-sectional and longitudinal study of 55 cases. The application of the subtest began with five examples in which adequate feedback was provided to participants. En la Fase 1, participantes se distribuyeron: Su comportamiento no es programable y dispone de sensores de tacto, postura, movimiento, sonido y luz.

How do I feel? Each state has a source code attached to be run at each iteration of the FSM being in such state.


Dealing with an insecure perception of a pet robot in dementia care. The platform is handcrafed Fig. Research focused on finding a cure for dementia is key, but in the meantime, we must bear in mind that patients with dementia need the most appropriate treatment. It is considered that the majority of elder people who were interviewed are quite satisfied with the quality of life that they have.

Not only did we observe the reactions to the animals when they did not move or make a sound when they were switched off but also when they did move and make sounds. An specific module has been developed for communication between BICA and software outside the robot, for instance the communication between these session monitor tools and. The Nao robot was presented to a group of 20 patients with differing severity of dementia. Revalidation and standardization of the cognition mini-exam first Spanish version of the Mini-Mental Status Examination in the general geriatric population.

Demencia. by Jeronimo Ap on Prezi

As a result of this study, our team is going to focus on the use of humanoid robots in cognitive therapy for people with mild dementia and in the use of pet robots for people with moderate to severe dementia. Problems of reliability and validity in etnographic research. Point and 5-year period prevalence of neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia: Second section presents some works with social robots and their use in dementia therapies.


At the beginning they were created by directly editing text files, however more recently we have developed a graphical tool, the session script generator Figure 2that allows a fast and visual creation of these scripts.

Therapist uses a Wiimote to teleoperate the robot One of the main tasks of roboticist is to provide the effective tools to therapist to properly control the operation of the robot during therapies. Activities involved physical exercises, questions and answers, music, videos, df manipulation or touching several objects. Caregivers and Dementia Patients Choices of Robotic Pets Results As Table 1 shows, the care professionals in the two countries only substantially differed in experience almost twice as high in the Netherlands.

Puede mover el cuello lateralmente y de arriba Figura 3: As a primary measure, in sentence comprehension subtest, the number of edcala responses to each of the 12 types of sentences was obtained. The wash-out period allowed the entry of new participants. Although the MMSE and the smmse are both screening scales for cognitive decline, the smmse is more appropriate for people with moderate and severe dementia, such as the people who participated in this program.

A practical experience 3 Martin,but the goal of this paper is giving a strong review of the application of robotic technology escalla. Two different monitors have been developed, one running on a regular PC and another one running on an Android tablet.

There were no statistically significant differences between the humanoid and animal shaped robot groups.

Rev Neurol Jul 1;29 1: Self-stem also constitute a meaningful category of analysis within this research. Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, 22 1 ,