By Marshall Erwin Rommel Infantry Attacks on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Published August 29th by Greenhill Books (first published ) .. In Infantry Attacks, we get a clear look at Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s life before his. It certainly is. The hard lessons of war are learned through the blood and death of others. Only fools want to learn these lessons again with their.

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A reconnaissance detail which went out and gathered in a dozen prisoners reported that some thirty dead and wounded French littered the field. We marched south, but our progress was frequently halted, for in the distance we saw enemy columns on the march.

We spent the night in the open. Did I tell my colonel that this job was beyond my strength, that I had been on the go for eighteen hours and was now exhausted? Failing to accomplish my mission, I returned and worked my way forward on foot along the eastern edge of the woods.

First published in it quickly became a highly regarded military textbook, and also brought its author to the attention of Adolph Hitler. I was frequently fired upon by the enemy, who had occupied the rise yards east of the woods. About midnight our platoon arrived in Ruxweiler without suffering any losses during the six-hour march.

Around midnight I awoke with a start. His truly extraordinary journey takes readers from trenches of war-torn France to the frosty mountains and hillside villages of Infajtry and Italy.

Remarks are appended to many descriptions knfantry order to extract worthwhile lessons from the particular operation. Tanks Attack about tank warfare, and gathered much material during the North Africa Campaign.


The air was full of sound and fury, and the ground around us shook as if an earthquake had hit us.

Infantry Attacks

However this book does have a writing style romme, takes a little getting used to: We tried to find shelter behind trees and used our packs to form improvised breastworks. We lay huddled in our miserable trench with little protection against fragments from shells that burst in our vicinity.

We were well quartered in Briceaux, but nobody was very hard to please. I began by searching Gesnes and Romagne Woods and then proceeded to Romagne. Eirst published in Germany in under tatacks title I nfanterie G reift An, it became a great success before World War II and played a major role in launching Rommel on the road to fame.

I regretted sending the machine-gun platoon away only a few minutes before but it was too late to recall the order. His shot just missed my ear.

Soon the whole battalion was hard at it. In the east there was constant friction between Russia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire which was in the final stages of a long decline in power. Was it just an accident?

Full text of “Attacks Erwin Rommel”

Wherever we ran into the enemy, he either surrendered or took cover in the building recesses from which he was soon routed. It is rather a memoir of Rommel during WWI, where he was a junior officer leading small units into battle. The enemy in the house opened with heavy rifle fire mainly directed at the section behind the hedge. The battalion and regimental command posts were located close together in a cut on the highway a mile and a quarter northeast of Vaubencourt.


They brought us food and drink, but we were still distrustful and made them sample the food before helping ourselves. Oct 20, Mark C. Bleid presented a terrible sight. I dashed forward to the right across the street with the 1st Section — over the same route I had passed over a few minutes before with the platoon.

In a pouring rain and in pitch darkness, the battalion got ready for the attack on the left of the former sector. Every mistake means casualties, perhaps the lives of his men. H and grenades and machine pistols are essential. Diedenhofen was not a pretty sight with its dirty streets, houses, and taciturn people.

Toward evening the enemy raised his volume of fire to a terrific pitch and threw everything he had at us. These were hardly out of sight the company had been resting about five minutes when the whole clearing was subjected to intense shrapnel fire.

A hot fire fight started at less than a hundred yards range. On signal, the 2d Section opened fire. Also, most of the other histories I have read focus on large scale army movements and this takes place on a company level. The Army translation understandably suffered also from a hurried wartime effort. My excellent infatnry, Hanle, helped me make-do with a swig from his canteen.