Are you looking for the the instruction manual of the Electrolux ERN ? View the user manual of this product directly and completely free. Electrolux ERN User Manual: Defrosting The Freezer. Fridge freezer . Refrigerator Electrolux ERN Installation And Instruction Manual. (68 pages ). View and Download Electrolux ERN instruction book online. Electrolux Freezer Refrigerator Electrolux ERN User Manual. Fridge freezer (

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Rezervni dijelovi Hladnjak Electrolux ERN ,

Spare parts availability Most of erm spare parts are sent to customers in ten working days. H H If the appliance must connect laterally to the kitchen furniture door: To set the functions OFF, press the Func- tion button several times until no icon ap- pears.

Before troubleshooting, discon- nect the mains plug from the mains socket. Refrigerator pcb assembly – c.

Refrigerator pcb assembly – c.587A

Align the kitchen furniture door and the ap- pliance door by adjusting the part Hb. If you want to open the door to the left, do these een before you install the appliance: This appliance complies with the E. Glass fridge shelf front edge strip – c. Glass fridge shelf front part – c.


Refrigerator lamp protection – c. Fridge door bottle retainer – c. There are some sounds during normal use compressor, refriger- ant circulation.

If the drain is blocked, water edn collect in the bottom of the appliance. Ha Hc Push the part Hc on the part Ha. Do not keep the door open longer than necessary. Insert the small square Hb into guide Ha.

To operate the appliance, proceed as fol- lows: Wrap the food correctly. Use a plastic scraper.

eern The water outlet is clog- ged. If the domestic power supply socket is not earthed, con- nect the appliance to a separate earth in compliance with current regulations, con- sulting a qualified electrician. This will prevent it from becoming a death trap for a child.

Clean the condenser black grill and the compressor at the back of the appliance with a brush. Refer to “Replacing the lamp”. Do not dispose appliances marked with the symbol with the household waste. In that case re- tain packing. Never use detergents, abrasive powders, highly perfumed clean- ing products or wax polishes to clean the interior as this will dam- age the surface and leave a strong odour.

The illumination of the display remains red until normal storage conditions are re- stored. The intermediate position is usually the most suitable. It is possible to deactivate the function at any time by pressing Function button re- fer to “Functions Menu”.


Switch off the appliance.

Spare Parts Fridge Electrolux ERN ,

They are not suitable for house- hold room illumination. It is possible to set the fan OFF at any time by pressing the Function button until the icon goes out of view.

The pow- er supply cable plug is provided with a contact for this purpose. Freezer side trimming – c. Push the appliance in the direction of the arrow 2 against the cupboard on the op- posite side of the hinge. Switch on the appliance. Shipment and payment methods Shipments are sent with delivery company GLS.

Never use sharp metal tools to scrape off frost from the evaporator as you could damage it. A temperature rise of the frozen food packs, during defrosting, may shorten their safe storage life. Connect the mains plug to the mains socket 29810.