Ergenekon davasında tutuklu bulunan eski Genelkurmay Başkanı emekli Orgeneral İlker Başbuğ tahliye edildi. Mahkeme, Başbuğ’un tahliyesine karar verdi. Mahkeme, Başbuğ hakkında tahliye gerekçesi olarak, “Sabit. Ergenekon Davası’nın temyiz incelemesini yapan Yargıtay Ceza Dairesi hukuka aykırılık gerekçesiyle yerel mahkemenin kararını bozdu. Ergenekon davaları nedeniyle yurt dışına çıkış Gerekçeli kararda, Perinçek’in

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The only survivor, Kurdish parliamentarian Sedat Bucak, was a tribal chief who administered a swathe of land in the Kurdish southeast as a liegeman of the government. Full geekeli of the indictment: The one single incident that encapsulates what the Turkish deep state is all about for many Turks occurred on November 3, near the town of Susurluk, on the Izmir-Istanbul road.

T and the Prime Minister.

However, those who volunteered to fight against Kurdish and Armenian groups were often released. The Istanbul police force closed the investigation by citing a lack of incriminating evidence. First of all, it requires a great staff.

It is part of a big organization.

Balyoz Davası ve Gerçekler | Pınar Doğan ve Dani Rodrik’in blogu

List of suspects in the Ergenekon investigation 86 people were indicted in July48 of whom were detained. There is a concern that the move was politically motivated, and will affect the direction of the investigation.

Yoksa Kanada polisi mi? Tayyar is coincidentally promoting his new book on Ergenekon, K? T employee, while the M? According to the investigation, Ergenekon had a role in the murder of Hrant Dinka prominent journalist of Armenian descent [13] [] [] Italian priest Father Andrea Santoro in February and the brutal murders of three Christiansone a German national, killed in the province of Malatya in April In denying army support for the coup attempt, Chief of the Armed Forces General Staff General Yasar Buyukanit recently stated that “at every opportunity, there have been in the past and there continue to be efforts to link the armed forces with these kinds of things.

Perinçek-İsviçre Davası

ergeneoon Eurasia Daily Monitor Jamestown Foundation 5 Born inErzurum as Necabettin Baltac? What we are going to see is a power struggle between two fundamentally undemocratic forces using their influence in the judicial system. An investigation of the network of acquaintances of the suspects turned up more information and snowballed into the present situation.


Both generals were detained in January Yet unless the mainstream media the only media well-funded enough to undertake a proper investigation starts to take an interest, we will never know.

Ses getirecek suikast planl? Plus, those around him have become heroes. Activities, Ideology and Personnel T he dramatic recent arrests of the Ergenekon gang show that the descendents of NATO’s secret army in Turkey remain serious threats to internal stability — the extent to which seems to have surprised many Turks, judging from the tone of recent media reactions.

He also stated that he had moved out of the building twenty days before they were found. Prosecutors also said the Susurluk case, named after the town of Susurluk, where a fatal car crash in revealed the links between state security officers, organized criminals and politicians, was a revelation of edgenekon Ergenekon organization. After his arrest in Holland soon thereafter, Baybasin disclosed that he had received “the assistance of Turkish embassies and consulates while moving huge shipments of drugs around Europe, and that Turkish army officers serving with NATO in Belgium were also involved.

The egenekon did not go off in his first two attempts; he succeeded on his third.

Ergenekon continued coup plan One of the most persistent allegations is that the organization has been planning to execute a coup in However, they gerekwli prone to corruption, interference with domestic politics and society, and were in some cases involved with brutality against Leftists and the citizenry in general.

The proximate motive behind these false flag activities is said to be to discredit the incumbent Justice and Development Party and derail Turkey’s accession process to the European Union. Newspapers printed transcripts of recorded phone conversations between Spc.

Another former military man, retired army colonel Fikret Ergenekonn, “also heads the Association for the Union of Patriotic Kqrar VKGB ,” one of ergenekln activist groups that have followed in the footsteps of the s-era quasi-political organizations that fed the original Grey Wolves movement. What is a gang? This is also of relevance to linking acts carried out by the organization, as it has been alleged that weapons of the same type and serial number were found in several locations.


We shall see where this goes And, despite the significant participation of disgruntled elements in the army and former military officials in the plot, it seems clear that the Erenekon military as an institution would prefer to keep the uneasy peace with the allegedly ‘Islamist’ government of Prime Minister Erdogan, rather than engage in old adventures that would diminish Turkey’s standing abroad and quite possibly affect its ability to access Western military technology at a time when Turkey is trying to create an independent defense industry of its own.

Yargıtay Ergenekon kararını açıkladı: En büyük kumpas çöktü

Of those, the structure of only the “Theory” department has been revealed as of September The deep state is held to be based in the army, but closely linked with MIT the national intelligence servicethe judiciary, and since the s the mafia.

The alleged masterminds behind this coup plot are generals Kemal Yavuz and Tuncer K?

We have seen that every search and detention has been conducted solely by police. Intelligence analysts set to work after his testimony. However, his uncle Demirta?

Trial hearings began on 20 October It needs businessmen, and perhaps drug traffickers. The most recent reports claim that Gen. Analysis, Ferekeli, Management, and Development Project”. They will give us a gas station and a villa.

Başbuğ ‘Sık konuşmayacağım’ demişti, ancak – Haberler

Join Date Sep Posts 6, Some were accused of belonging to an ultranationalist group, Ergenekon, that was allegedly “preparing a series of bomb attacks aimed at fomenting chaos ahead of a coup in against Turkey’s center-right government, whose European Union-linked reforms are opposed by ultranationalists. Ergenekon attempted to trigger chaos Turkish versionEgenekon Zaman A more detailed summary: Debate has focused in particular on the grenades, which can be uniquely identified by the fuse type Turkish: Emek said that the weapons were with his mother for fifteen years, and no longer functional.

The military chief of staff, the governors, the police — everyone worked together on it.