eqo™ Technical Information. PEOPLE SCREENING TECHNOLOGY. Feature Highlights. • Automatic detection of concealed. Small footprint, open scan area, ease of use. With the new eqo system, Smiths Detection brings clear benefits for passengers, airport operators. Smiths Detection X-Ray Screening and Explosives Detection Systems for with eqo, using its unique flat-panel millimetre-wave technology to detect concealed.

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The combination of a small footprint with a configurable panel orientation means the body imaging security scanner can be easily integrated into any current checkpoint configuration. For this new approach to be successful, the technical solution must also fit into the existing checkpoint layout and process with minimal disruption.

Occupying little floor space, eqo is easily configured into current lanes without requiring major alterations to standard layouts and operations. Number of Employees More than People.

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The Top 10 airport innovations of so far…. The live display of the millimetre-wave image sequence to the operator means that screening and detection of concealed objects can start as soon as the passenger enters the inspection zone.

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ECAC Standard 2 certified people screening product Automatic detection – full privacy solutionMulti material detection – metals, ceramics, plastics, liquids, etc. Nature of Business Manufacturer. Operational emiths savings – less staffing, infrastructure, training Increased throughput with faster processing time Minimal footprint – allows for easy checkpoint integration eqo is an innovative solution to people screening. The technical approach lends itself to aviation applications where high detection accuracy and high throughput are required to maintain both the security standards and processing requirements.


Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport completes terminal upgrade. From a technical viewpoint, the move from mechanically scanned to electronically steered imaging also has significant implications for cost of ownership.

The new technologies set to revolutionise the airport journey. Advanced technologies that can inspect passengers for any concealed object rather than just metal items are set to revolutionise the way we are screened smithz airport checkpoints.

In the long run, millimetre wave systems could prove the best solution. This technology marks the evolution of millimetre wave imaging products from mechanically scanned to electronically steered systems with the resulting improvements in image quality, system reliability and footprint.

Response time Instantaneous presentation of the detection result.

Airport News – Including reports on the latest strategic, operational and political viewpoints from all of the world’s Airports, Airlines and Governmental Authorities. Operational cost savings – less staffing, infrastructure, trainingIncreased throughput with faster processing timeMinimal footprint – allows for easy checkpoint integrationeqo is an innovative solution to people screening. Subscribe to our Newsletter Subscribe.

A generic graphical representation of the person is presented to the operator. Get Best Smithd Request a quote. This feature both simplifies the scanning procedure and also speeds up the overall process.

Call Send a quick message. Smiths Detection will launch one such innovative people screening system that uses next generation millimetre-wave imaging to detect concealed body-worn threats.


Smiths Detection is a global leader in threat detection and screening technologies for military, transportation, homeland security and resilience detectiln. The system software indicates concealed objects with a marker on the appropriate part of the graphical display. One bag rule severely impacting retail revenues. We also use our technologies for special applications such as contraband detection and meteorological measuring.

The 3D scanning system provides a rapid means of detecting concealed threat objects. Availability and reliability are also key factors for any checkpoint equipment, and these qualities were paramount in developing this system that can deliver extended operational up-time with low service and ssmiths requirements. Making RFID work — the most effective solution to lost baggage? Screening operators have full control over the image sequences to facilitate analysis and detection.

The system software detects concealed objects and indicated their location with a marker on the appropriate part of the graphical display.

eqo – SMITHS DETECTION – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

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