PDF | La solution solide Ga1-xInxAs ySb1-y a été cristallisée par la technique d’ épitaxie en phase liquide sur substrat GaSb orienté () et ()B dans la. Procédé d’épitaxie dans lequel le corps à partir duquel est formée la couche épitaxiale est amené à l’état liquide en contact avec le substrat à épitaxier. Resume: Un diagramme de phase precis dans la region riche en indium du systeme ternaire Ga-In-Sb a ete etabli. Les points du liquidus ont ete obtenus par .

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Les points du liquidus ont ete obtenus par analyse thermique differentielle d’echantillons de composition determinee.

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Share with your friends and colleagues. In both cases, epitaxial In2O3 films having the bixbyite phase were grown with various orientation relationships, depending upon the substrate symmetry and gas ambient.

NSAG alleviates the problems of defective crystals in the heteroepitaxial growth of nitrides, and the high mobility graphene film can readily provide the back low-dissipative electrode in GaN-based optoelectronic devices. In which subject field?

The differences in film texture were correlated to the differences in growth conditions, while the differences in the film properties were correlated to the film oxygen composition. PACS – Phase equilibria, liquidr transitions, and critical points. The kinetics is characterized by using a specially-dedicated furnace and by considering laser annealing.

An arrangement for measuring the thermoelectric voltage Seebeck signal during the crystal growth from a liquid zone is described.

Diagramme de phases et croissance par epitaxie en phase liquide du gaxin1-xsb

The up-or-down orientation of the mesas on SiC, their triangular faceting, and cross-sectional scanning transmission electron microscopy show that they are biphasic. Epitaxial growth of gold on mica in an ultra-high vacuum. The pjase you choose must correspond to the language of the term you have entered.

Relaxation times which are needed to reach steady-state conditions with respect to the concentration difference between the growing and solving interface in the case of a start or sudden stop of the heater motion can be obtained.


Quelques resultats de mesures electriques sont fournis. Nanoselective area growth phwse gan by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy on 4h-sic using epitaxial graphene as a mask.

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Periodically-poled ferroelectric crystals show unprecedented efficiency and properties otherwise impossible to obtain. On the other hand, using films presenting 4-fold symmetry surfaces such as Pt and Cuthe Co growth leads to slanted wires in discrete directions. Some electrical measurements were reported. These results have given us access experimentally to two values predicted theoretically: Key words crystal growth from melt — epitaxial growth — gallium compounds — III V semiconductors — indium antimonide — phase diagrams — semiconductor growth — phase diagram — liquid phase epitaxial growth — Ga sub x In sub 1 x Sb — liquidus data — In rich region — DTA measurements — solidus data liquive regular solution model — liquidus isotherms — thermodynamical parameters — InSb substrates — homogeneity — layer characteristics — electrical measurements — concentration measurement — to degrees C.

Indium oxide thin films were grown by pulsed electron beam deposition method at C on c-cut sapphire and oriented LaAlO3 single crystal substrates in oxygen liquied argon gas.

The effect of adsorbed gas on the growth of gold films on mica at epitaxial temperatures is investigated by comparing the growths on air exposed and vacuum cleaved mica surfaces. The differences in the two textures were correlated to the various atomic configurations in the and planes of the monoclinic -Ga2O3 phase.

The successive stages of growth of the nucleated droplets are a diffusion-driven free growth, an intermediate regime and a coarsening by reduction of interface. Additionally the detachment by Smart Cut of the deposited films is demonstrated.

The study proposes different characterization of the films obtained by this process AFM, optical profilometry and 4 probe measurement.

Diagramme de phases et croissance par epitaxie en phase liquide du gaxin1-xsb

The first process allows to produce films of silicon on sapphire and films of silicon on glass by considering a laser annealing. The core is a zinc blende monocrystal surrounded with single-crystal hexagonal wurtzite. Toward a complete description of nucleation and growth in liquid-liquid phase separation J. It liqujde attractive opportunities for the integration of nanocrystals in planar devices. Using the example of growing PbTe single crystals by THM it is shown that different equilibrium temperatures at both phase boundaries provide a differential Seekeck voltage depending on the crystal growth rate.


This approach of solution epitaxial growth combines the advantages of chemistry in solution in producing shape-controlled and monodisperse metallic nanocrystals, and of seeded growth on an ad hoc metallic film that efficiently controls orientation through epitaxy.

The corresponding epitaxial relationships were determined and interpreted in the frame of the domain matching epitaxy. The process consists in first growing a graphene layers film epitadie the C-face of 4H-SiC by confinement-controlled sublimation of silicon carbide. The liquidus data were obtained from DTA measurements on samples of predetermined composition.

Based on the related characterization and observations, a physical model is established based on the behavior of implanted hydrogen during annealing.

Glossaries and vocabularies Access Translation Bureau glossaries and vocabularies. Un diagramme de phase precis dans la region riche en indium du rpitaxie ternaire Ga-In-Sb a ete etabli. ,iquide Volume 9, Number 2mars Oriented metallic nano-objects on crystalline surfaces by solution epitaxial growth N. Epitaxial growth of gallium oxide films on c-cut sapphire substrate W. Effects of substrate and ambient gas on epitaxial growth indium oxide thin films M.

Bulk wn by crystal growth from high temperature solution. The model is strengthened by SIMS characterization focused on the evolution of hydrogen during ,iquide and on numerical calculations. Evaporations at residual gas pressures of 3 x mm Hg are employed to make films with optical thicknesses of 10 A.