Your guide to the Enneking system which helps your surgeon decide about treatment for cancer that starts in your bone (primary bone cancer). A System for the Surgical Staging of. Musculoskeletal Sarcoma. WILLIAM. F. ENNEKING,. M.D.,* SUZANNE. S. SPANIER,. M.D.,** AND. MARK A. GOODMAN, . Based on a combination of histologic grade (G), anatomic site (T), and presence or absence of distant metastasis (M) Grade G0 = benign G1 = low grade.

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Lytic lesion of the right ischium in a 42M C Pathology – Bone Tumor Staging Systems HPI – The patient is a 42 year old male who gives a history of staglng to his right buttock after sustaining a fall while playing volleyball approximately 6 months ago. Bone cancer Stages and grades.

Neoplasm is an abnormal mass of tissue as a result of neoplasia. J Bone Joint Surg Am.

Enneking staging system

High grade, are usually extracompartmental, and have a significant risk for skip metastases. Cancer staging is deemed critical for disease staving in an individual patient and for the population at large. The Enneking surgical staging system has been used for classification of musculoskeletal tumors surgeons around the world. Radiologic and pathologic analysis of solitary bone lesions.

Anatomical compartments have natural barriers, e. For example, a bone forms a compartment in itself. It denotes abnormal proliferation of cells.

We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Read about other staging systems. Your email address will not be published. The term tumor is synonymous with a neoplasm that has formed a lump. An ideal staging system should be practical, reproducible, and of prognostic significance.


These include where your cancer is and your general health. For spinal column tumors, the Enneking surgical staging system does not take into account the presence of a continuous epidural compartment, neurologic implication of sacrificing the spinal cords and roots, and need for restoring spinal stability. As defined by the International Union Against Cancer, the objectives of cancer staging are 1 to aid in planning the course of treatment, 2 to provide insight into the prognosis, 3 to assist in evaluating the results of treatment, 4 to facilitate effective interinstitutional communication, and 5 to contribute to continuing investigation of human malignancies [ 7 ].

It can also recur in another part of the body, which is called metastatic bone cancer. Since its establishment inthe American Joint Committee for Cancer AJCC has undertaken the responsibility for developing clinically useful staging systems for various types of cancer.

Your doctors might use the Enneking staging system or another staging system called TNM. The second most common area for it to spread to is other bones. Learn how your comment data is processed.

There are different systems for staging bone cancer. Indistinct borders Growth Growth includes the processes [Modeling is also ennekingg of bone growth] that causes increase length and girth before the closure of to epiphyseal plate closure [There is gain in length after epiphyseal plate closure].

Stage I and II are further subdivided into two subcategories A, B based on the local extent of the tumor. Open in a separate window. These tumors are characterized by low mitotic rates, low nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio, and limited pleomorphism.


Scully ehneking, MD, PhD. Prognosis for soft tissue tumors depends on grade low grade: Neoplasia means new growth in Greek. It has not spread to other areas of bone or any other part of the body. Thank sfaging for rating!

The Enneking surgical staging system is reliable, reproducible, eneking of prognostic importance for musculoskeletal sarcomas, especially for those originating in the axial skeleton. Recurrent bone cancer Recurrent bone cancer means that the cancer has come back after it has been treated.

Stage III represents any tumor with distant metastasis.

Enneking Staging System and TGNM Staging System for Musculoskeletal Tumors

Thus the most useful staging system would guide the nature of the surgical procedure. Historically, surgical resection has been the cornerstone for management of musculoskeletal sarcomas.

It is called an extracompartmental bone cancer. The American Joint Committee for Cancer has proposed their own staging system for soft tissue sarcomas [ in contrast to bone sarcomas]. Call freephone or email us. It is a reliable, reproducible, and has prognostic importance for musculoskeletal sarcomas, especially for those originating in the axial skeleton.

Staging childhood bone cancer Staging is a way of describing or classifying a cancer based on the extent of the cancer, or where it is in the body.