Endometritis puerperal Definición: Es la infección del endometrio se produce por fisiopatologia Usualmente es una infección polimicrobiana asociada a flora. Infección Puerperal. Endometritis. Prevención. Caso Clínico. FI: DMC, Femenina , 28 años, ced. #, vecina de Limón, enfermera. Endometritis was observed in % of c-sections and in % of vaginal deliveries, without statistically significant difference. Two cases of puerperal infection.

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Behavioural trends affecting oestrus de- tection in Zebu cattle. Seroprevalence of Neospo- ra caninum in female water buffaloes Bubalus bubalis from the south eastern region of Brazil.

Compendio Reproducao

Endometritis was observed in 0. Induction of a new follicular wave in Holstein heifers synchronized with norgestomet.

Nesse mesmo estudo, os autores analisaram 9. How to cite this article. Effect of Vitamin E and selenium supplementation on concentrations of plasma cortisol and erythrocyte lipid peroxides and the incidence of retained fetal membranes in crossbred dairy cattle. Effects of environment on bovine reproduction. Neospora caninum induced abortion in sheep.

No associations were found between maternal complications and type of delivery in the period analyzed. Evaluation of a systemic antibiotic treatment of toxic puerperal metritis in dairy cows. Dom Anim Endocrinol fisiopatologai Strate- gies to improve the therapy of retained fetal membranes in dairy cows.


The effect of hCG administration on pregnancy rate following non-surgical transfer of viable bovine embryos.

Anim Breed Abstr ; Exogenous hormonal manipulation of ovar- ian activity in cattle. Am J Obstet Gynecol ; Physiological and cellular adaptations of zebu cattle to thermal stress.

Maternal complications occurred during delivery as well as those diagnosed during puerperium that required further hospital admission were analyzed. Adverse impact of heat stress on embryo production: Prevalence of endometri- tis and its effects on reproductive performance of dairy cows. Ovarian and estrous response of suckled beef cows to the select synch estrous synchronisation protocol.

Maternal complications associated with type of delivery in a university hospital

Ovarian follicular cysts in dairy cows. Developmental ebdometritis in embryonic resis- tance to adverse effects of maternal heat stress in cows. J Matern Fetal Med ;9: Effectiveness of short- term cooling and vitamin E for alleviation of infertility induced by heat stress in dairy cows.

Review on cattle reproduction in the tropics. Anim Reprod Sci ; Embryo and foetal loss in beef heifers between day 14 fksiopatologia and full term. Incidence of endometritis and effects on reproductive performance of dairy cows. Antibiotic prophylaxis at cesarean delivery.


Statistical analyses included Student’s t test and Fisher’s Exact test. Do total de pufrperal. Rates and implications of caesarean sections in Latin America: J Vet Diagnost Invest ;2: Changes in ovarian follicles fol- lowing acute infection with bovine viral diarrhoea virus. Med J Aust ; Cesarean delivery and postpartum hysterectomy. J Vet Res ; Women’s role and satisfaction in the decision to have a caesarean section.

Endometritis, Endometriosis y Mastitis by yamid camelo hernadez on Prezi

Os dados foram analisados retrospectivamente a partir da consulta do banco de dados deste departamento. Reproductive performance of dairy cows following treatment with fenprostalene, dinoprost, or cloprostenol between pueeperal and 31 Days post partum: Factors associated with hemorrhage in cesarean deliveries.

Neospora abortions fndometritis dairy cattle: Pregnancy rates of postpartum beef cows that were synchronized using Syncro-Mate B or the Ovsynch protocol. Estudo retrospectivo de 1. Yes, as long as the woman is fully informed.