El Hombre y La Tierra: Elisee Reclus: Books – El hombre y la tierra by Eliseo Reclus. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at El hombre y la Tierra by Eliseo RECLUS at – ISBN – ISBN – Doncel – – Softcover.

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Harsman, Theo De ArbeiderAmsterdam. With a letter by Joseph Presburg. Advertisement for a pince-nez, a duplicator and bust development Parisfor shoes Berlin and of an insurance company and household goods London. With autobiographical notes by Nacht and a letter also by Max Nacht Pawlowitsch, Paul Neues LebenBerlin. With a request form.

With a leaflet of De Twintigste Eeuwa letter on back by Gertrud Guillaume-Schack to Nettlau rclus, a copy of a letter to Joseph Ishill and separate notes by Nettlau in shorthand on Sterringa and others.

Request forms of the British Museum of books on ornithology, in particular chrysomitris carduelis, siskins. Beyond lies the open sea, where reclud submerged reefs, if any, are only given away by the whitewashing foam. The Light-BearerTopeka, Kansas.

Notebooks relating to his Celtic studies. Suplemento quincenal Buenos Aires, no. Kater, Hans and Frieda Kater-Lehmann. Grosner to Nettlau Recuperado el 2 de julio de desde mutaperceptismo. Retzius and notes in shorthand by Nettlau Enclosed also notes by James Guillaume [s? Until in Russian typescripts. Meunierto Georgette and William Barbotinn. Includes the Cornish language. Some letters from the s partly illegible. With a letter by Nettlau not send and separate notes made during and after conversation with Keell spring in Paris.


Letters by Nettlau returned undelivered. One letter partly illegible because of damage.

With a note by Nettlau. Ensz, Abraham AntikratBerlin. With separate notes by Nettlau Vallina, Sliseo Paginas libresSevilla. Schack, Oscar Buchhandlung, Leipzig. List of, and a statement relating to books lend to him by Jacques Gross probably during a journey through Switzerland and by someone else.

Manuscript crossed out by Nettlau. Includes many chronological lists and historical dates; on the back of p. With corrections and a note. One letter in Esperanto. University of California, Berkeley. With a letter draft by Nettlau and various receipts.

Journal du Peuple, Le Paris. Notes in shorthand of the proceedings of the Fourth Annual Conference of the Socialist Recous, held inMay 20, p. Proceso de los treinta.

El Hombre y La Tierra : Elisee Reclus :

Der SyndikalistBerlin. British MuseumLondon. With separate notes by Rliseo and a draft of a letter signed by F.

Later published by D.


With copies of letters and notes by Nettlau, partly in shorthand. With a letter by Alexander Atabekian to Nettlau Cosentini, Francesco Dizionario di legislazione socialeTorino. With a postcard by Soledad Gustavo and a separate note by Nettlau. No or scant subject indications. With notes by Nettlau on address labels of food packages received in the s.


Document, maps and postcards relating to Neuwaldegg. With separate notes by Nettlau partly in shorthand and copies of letters by Goldman to various persons and organizations. Advertising and academia are controlling our thoughts. With a copy draft? Cohna letter by Jeanne Guillaume and a letter by Charles Frigerio And if we would deal frankly with the barbarous society to which we belong, we must acknowledge that murder, albeit disguised under a thousand insidious and scientific forms, still, as in the times of primitive savagery, terminates the majority of lives.

Madagascar, for instance, though very close to Africa, seems to be a sort of peculiar world with its own flora and fauna and whole animal families — especially monkeys and snakes — which have more representatives on the planet.