Elfquest (or ElfQuest) is a cult hit comic book property created by Wendy and Richard Pini in It is a fantasy story about a community of elves and other fictional species A one-shot issue re-introduced the sea elves with a new cast of characters. The first ten issues of Hidden Years were collected in two color volumes. The Sea Elves has 5 ratings and 0 reviews: Published September 1st by Chaosium, 48 pages, Paperback. : The Sea Elves: A Complete Culture for Elfquest ( ) by Elizabeth Ceritelli; Wendy Pini and a great selection of similar New, Used.

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What wonders lay beyond them, and what dangers? She sank very deeply into her wolf-form and eventually forgot her original identity, even mating with a native wolf to produce a half-wolf chimeric son whom she handed over to the Elves after teaching him as much as she could as a wolf.

At that point, they will grow old and die, like a human, but we don’t see their deaths or appearance at that time, so no further conjecture can be made. Such outside influences can elrquest a Recognition many times. This is not always correct, as we see with Dewshine and Tyldak and in many tales in the Wolfriders past. Wolfriders The Wolfriders are sae main characters of Elfquest, a shy and secretive tribe of forest dwellers who have allied themselves with the wolves of the World of Two Moons.

Rdawley rated it really liked it Feb 07, The Wolfrider family of Rainsong, Woodlock and Wing kept track of the passing years until they passed from old age, safe and sound in the reclusive Sun Village, and the Sun Folk kept track of the passing years after they died of old age until the rest of the Wolfrider tribe returned.

The easiest way to determine if a volume or issue is still in print and available is to look in the Wolfrider Shop here on this web site, and by searching the web for comics dealers and auction sites. The further adventures of Ember and her splinter tribe of Wolfriders is being crafted as these words are being typed.


Songs of Elfquesta collection of filk songs. She mates with Tyldak, Recognition is fulfilled and they part ways. The Palace has a strong pull on all elves once in range, the Go-Backs were the first to stumble on it since the High Ones were driven away. The Wolfriders enjoy the benefits of a more sophisticated culture with greater knowledge, while the Sun Folk benefit from a band of strong hunters and defenders of their desert refuge from humanity.

Later, the Pinis’ company WaRP Graphics would reprint the story from Fantasy Quarterly as Elfquest 1 with a new front cover and full color portrait print for the rear cover.

Jink and The Rebels are also more or less contemporary, but the events portrayed in those series happen in the far future relative to the other series. You must be logged in to ekfquest a comment.

At the start of the story, the Wolfriders’ regular forest life — intermittently interspersed by conflict with superstitiously genocidal humans — is lost when the humans set fire to the forest in retaliation for a previous battle. Many hundreds of years later, long after Tyleet has been born and is their friend, Scouter Recognizes Tyleet.

A brief action figure line was produced, featuring Cutter, Leetah with a small Petalwing figurinePicknose, and Tyldak. Meanwhile, September saw the publication of Elfquest: Immerse yourself in the Wolfriders’ saga through characters you create.

Very recently, Moonshade and Strongbow Recognized again and had Chitter a. The Go-Backs, so removed from magic, no longer rely on Recognition to procreate.

That said, some elements of the New Blood Forevergreen story arc are canon, and have bearing on the latest events in Final Quest. This brief outline is meant to provide some basic information about the different Elfquest comic book series that Warp Graphics has published: Very much an encyclopedia of things Elfquest, the Guide contains references to over characters and hundreds of places and things to be found throughout thousands of pages of stories.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Cutter remarks that denying Recognition feels like “sitting in a thornberry bush, gulping overripe Dreamberries a hallucinogen while having a sand flea up your nose”. Lucy Hayes marked it as to-read Oct 09, A few issues later, the Pinis told readers they’d withdrawn from the deal, and that readers should ask for refunds.


The longer an elf lives, the more likely they are to have more than one child. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The Sea Elves: A Complete Culture for Elfquest

Perhaps some elves would have developed a water-dowsing ability to find water with. InMayfair Games released ElfQuesta competitive game where players lay tiles to build the board as the game proceeds. A note on availability: The love triangle between Cutter, Leetah and Rayek is the main focus of much of the first part of the elfquedt.

FutureQuest stories not yet completed or reprinted combine both Jink and Rebels storylines. The Rootless Ones are the most recently discovered, and most hidden of hidden elves on the World of Two Moons. Two board games featuring the Elfquest world have ssa published. The humans then worshiped them as “spirit-gods”. The Gliders rarely venture out of their mountain except for the “Chosen Eight”, the tribe’s hunters and if need be warriors.

Elfquest is fast-paced, exciting, challenging, easy to learn, but impossible to predict. Island plants are also covered. Leetah also comments that Cutter’s sending “batters her with the strength of a sandstorm” and when Nightfall and Redlance share their soul names, we see them voluntairly joining their souls together into one, new whole through their telepathic Sending. Changes are slight, including altered graphics on the Elfbook and Worldbook.

Scouter and Dewshine are young lovemates when she Recognized Tyldak. Leetah feels this way about Cutter.

Elfquest – Decades in Print

There exists the potential for desert elves other than the Sun Folk. The elves of Elfquest are descended from highly advanced humanoid aliens called High Ones by their descendants. From the Wolfriders, Pike and his own children, Cheipar and Sust, as well as Tyleet, the daughter of Nightfall and Redlance, all were born outside Recognition with Pike and Tyleet having their conception aided by a healer; Rain and Leetah, respectively.

About Elfquest Elfqusst Online Shop. Surovec rated it it was amazing Jun 12,