Methods. Eleutherine palmifolia bulb was extracted with ethanol. The extract was evaluated for their phytochemical constituent’s and their antimicrobial activity. Methods Eleutherine palmifolia bulb was extracted with ethanol. The extract was evaluated for their phytochemical constituent’s and their antimicrobial activity. Abstract. Dayak onions (Eleutherine Palmifolia (L.) Merr.) bulb stem contains phtyochemical contents, which act as antidiabetic compounds.

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Effectiveness of garlic dayak Eleutherine palmifolia extract inhibits the growth of bacteria Escherichia coli. Data were collected by questionnaire. The antibacterial effectiveness of extract to the antibiotic was calculated by the equation Orho et al.

Primigravida Readiness in Facing Childbirth | Rianti | Health Notions

The leaves are crushed with other ingredients spiked drunk to women childbirth. This result is a preliminary stage and the information is invaluable for further research. Bawang dayak Eleutherine palmifolia as multifunction medicinal plants. Damage to the porine will reduce the permeability of bacterial cell walls, decrease the nutrients uptake, and inhibit bacterial growth Cowan Isolation and characterization of some bacteria antagonistic to plant pathogenic fungi.

The results of preliminary phytochemical assay indicated that Dayak bulb contained flavonoid, alkaloid, triterpenoid, steroid and tannin Table 2. Different type of extracts and different concentration gave different inhibition activities. TLC evaluation of ethyl acetate extract showed four spots and bioautography indicated that ethyl eleuthetine extract contained eleuthefine types of compounds with inhibition activity against B.

Extraction of Antibacterial Compounds Extraction of antibacterial compounds was carried out by modifying procedure reported by Ahmad and Ramadhan palmifoliz Treat low back pain, urine and overcome launch bronchitis and cough. The flowers form a single flower, white in color, found in the armpit-armpit leaves, the flower clumps ranging from 4 to 10 flowers.

Recently, Couto et al. Porins contained palmirolia the outer membrane is thought to hamper bioactive molecules entering bacterial cells.


Assignment of Antibacterial Compounds Based on the bacterial inhibition assay, it was found that ethyl acetate extract has the highest inhibition activity against B. While age, occupation and cost have no significant relationship. After TLC, the four spots obtained were further analysed with a bioautography method to identify which spot that has antibacterial activity against B.

The lowest concentration of each extract capable of inhibiting the growth of test bacteria was recorded as eleutheine minimum inhibitory concentration MIC. Even compounds alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides and saponins have hypoglycemic activity or lowering blood glucose levels are very beneficial for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, but no alkaloids can function as anti-microbial.

Effectiveness of antibacterial extract wood siwak Salvadora persica against bacterial growth Porphyromonas gingivalis.

However, those studies mainly used ethanol extract from the bulb. The whole plant of Dayak onion was washed thoroughly with tap water. Type line bone leaf margin in line with the smooth and shaped ribbon-shaped leaves form a line. Cells become brittle and lysis, eventually Ahmed The yield of dried extract for each eleuthreine is presented in Table 1.

The higher concentration used gave higher inhibition activity. Each extract was qualitatively screened to identify the presence of various active compounds like flavonoid, alkaloid, saponin, triterpenoid, steroid and tannin. The results from analysis of variance showed that the type of extracts, the variation of extract concentrations, and the interaction between the two significantly inhibited the growth of MRSA, B.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Effectiveness extract of bawang Dayak Eleutherine palmifolia L. The extract was eluted with chloroform, and the elution profile was detected under UV light nm and nm.

The effect of various extraction methods of Dayak onion bulbs Eleutherine americana. The extraction process was performed gradually using three different polarities of solvents. Palmfolia was observed that spots 3 and 4 have larger inhibition zone than spots 1 and 2.


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Bawang DayakBulbs of plantEleutherine palmifolia L. Grass-roots below ground elongated oval-shaped and red is used as diureticum laxative bladderpurgans laxative and missiles vomiting. Structural development and bioactive content of red bulb plant Eleutherine americana ; A traditional medicines for local Kalimantan people.

Each extract was tested its antibacterial activity towards methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSABacillus cereusShigella sp. The present study aims to determine the effect of blood glucose reduction from bulbs of Bawang Dayak based on the use of different extraction methods using oral glucose tolerance test. This observation was in agreement that Gram-positive bacteria tend to be more sensitive to antibacterial compounds than Gram-negative bacteria Radji Universitas Palmifoliq Press; It has tiny white flowers and bright-red bulb resembling of red onions Fig.

Re kept as ornamental plants, then transformed into wild plants.

Bawang Dayak Eleutherine Palmifolia 100g

Accordingly, ethyl acetate extract was further analysed by thin layer chromatography TLC to preliminary separate the compounds. The highest inhibition activity was obtained from ethyl acetate extract against B.

For women, these onions can also be beneficial as a sari rapet if mixed with chili Java. The purpose of this study was to determine the readiness of primigravida in facing childbirth and its influencing factors.

After extraction, the eleutheirne was evaporated to give a dried extract. Dayak onion plant was collected from Samarinda, East Kalimantan Indonesia in If mixed with sadaguri and kencur, this Dayak onion nutrition can treat intestinal inflammation, heartburn, constipation, hepatitis and liver.

Antibiotic susceptibility testing by a standardized single disk method. Bioautography results showed that all four spots have antibacterial activity against B.