El Nigromante has ratings and reviews. Ithlilian said: The novelty of this series wore off very quickly. I praised the first book for it’s o. Read “El nigromante” by Michael Scott with Rakuten Kobo. Tras escapar de Ojai Nicholas, Sophie, Josh y Scatty aparecen en París. Allí les estarán esperando. El Nigromante by Michael Scott, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The best part about this series is the fast pace. I did what I had to do to ensure the survival of the human race.

I felt John Dee and Machiavelli sounds kind of right, and Nicholas – Pernelle seemed hidden something. Josh on the other hand says ‘cool’ and crows to himself how his fire tattoo is so much cooler than his twins.

El Nigromante Michael Scott. Although josh might be looking to trade sides and go with dee. The novelty of this series wore off very quickly. So it’s basically two novellas and one book of 2. In terms of plot it wasn’t as fast paced as the previous three but I think it was definitely necessary to build up the bigger picture.

At times, you can go 50 to pages without encountering one of the story lines. But gladly, he wasn’t written that way. The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel 6 books. This series is one of those that feels like home each time you pick it up.

The pace isn’t quite as break neck as the previous novels, but there is still plenty of chase scenes. But then as the reader, you know Nicholas Flamel is the right side or else the series would be called: And I guess it’s technically still got that potential, because the author doesn’t seem to know what to do micyael it.


Dee promises Dare the world and she’s in on Dee scheme to get revenge of the Dark Elders; they are going to summon the mother of all gods, Coatlicue.

El Nigromante : Michael Scott :

John Dee todavia anda tras ellos. Prometheus says no because of the other twins he taught and how hora lay they ended up; until, Sophie has a flash back of Prometheus and his sister The Witch of Endor traveling to a ancient city in ruins made by a unknown race. Shakespeare and the Saracen Knight are in forest, run into Ptelea who is a hamadryad. It was in my opinion boring and dumb.

So much of this was just a rotating cast of characters lingering on one thought for a few minutes and then moving on to what the next group is up to. Despite these frustrations, I will keep reading the series. Whine some more, then fight monsters and flee again. It takes a writer of extraordinary talent not to mention bravery to populate a series of Young Adult novels with historical and mythological characters as diverse sdott Virginia Dare, Miyamoto Musashi, Aoife, Coatlicue, Quetzalcoatl and Prometheus mihcael to use them and to make the story really work, mind you – but Mr.

Also we have the Elder race, a concept I really liked, and who have presumably existed for thousands of years, regularly being killed off This review really is for the entire series – which was given to me – basically one of the larger gripes I have with this series is the world really isn’t that coherent. Their powers are clearly awesome, but they are just now learning about them and are finding out how to use them.


Dee and his Dark Elder masters collected on Alcatraz Island before the beasts and beings can be set upon San Francisco The only thing I dislike is that I have to wait until for the next installment!!! There are two immortals who want you, one who lies about themselves and the other who speaks limited truth and hiding his true intentions, and it is very confusing who to trust.

The complicated relationships the immortals all have with each other always makes me smile. Para que el plan funcione necesita resucitar a la Madre de los Dioses. While I can guess at certain possible developments, I have no earthly idea how everything is going to end. Josh may just be the perfect tool to accomplish that since the young man may have the power to raise Coatlicue, the Mother of All the Gods.

Michael Scott (escritor)

But I still don’t care about him at all. Todo lo que necesita es la ayuda de los Arcontes. View all 4 comments.

Refresh and try again. My congratulations go out to Michael Scott for another well written book in the series.