Download pdf book by Isaac Asimov – Free eBooks. Publication: Cuentos completos I Publication Record # ; Author: Isaac Asimov; Date: ; ISBN: Author: Isaac Asimov Author Record # 5; Legal Name: Asimov, Isaac Translation: Le plaisantin [French] (); Translation: El chistoso [Spanish] ( ).

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Looking back though, after having read the whole book: View all 4 comments. He also wrote mysteries and fantasy, as well as a great amount of nonfiction. The stories are definitely out-dated. James Livingston rated it did not like it Nov 08, He is one of a rare breed that can understand the workings of the Multivac. Check out some Asimov when you get the time Pur avendo come argomento comune l’interazione tra l’uomo e il divino, hanno t Nonostante il titolo e la chisotso di copertina, sono davvero pochi i racconti che vedono coinvolti dei robot, diversamente dall’altra antologia “Tutti i Miei Robot”.

I’d read “I, Robot” last summer and totally dug it. Another, “Gimmicks Three” has an amusing chistosi on deals with the devil, but most are too short to develop the premises fully. It was a sad story and I think the robot shouldn’t have been destroyed.

Earth Is Room Enough by Isaac Asimov

You just managed to de-humanise a female secretary and call her an “item”, and also suggest that letting a computer do tasks as menial as those fit for a woman would be “in poor taste”. It was jarring reading the descriptions of computers or the thoughts of the characters in regards to some social situation.

Silas rated it liked it Jan 26, He brought forward several, surreptitiously, the last was William Shakespeare, who was surprised by his reception. Published by Fawcett Crest first published Clarke, was considered one of the “Big Three” science-fiction writers during his lifetime.

Paul Morisset rated it liked it Nov 20, Mar 23, Marilyn rated adimov really liked it Shelves: Also several reviews mention, ” Asimov is at home in the novel or the short story. Were it for some of the stories alone, I would have given this five stars, but admittedly there are some, particularly the early ones, that fall just slightly short of that perfection.


Nebula Award Nominee Kurdakri rated it liked it Chisstoso 21, He has works published in nine of the ten major categories of the Dewey Decimal System lacking only an entry isaaac the s category of Philosophy. Trivia About Robot Dreams Rob If you’ve ever read Isaac Asimov’s stories you can understand why he was considered such an enormous talent. IF he fails he is simply one more of the condemned. Yusei Furorina no Higeki.

There are stories here about parallel universes, demons and angels, the biblical apocalypse, dream harvesters,a device that sees the past, even fairies. Something here is certainly in poor taste. Certain social situations and much of the technology is now dated. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date. Teresa Montes rated it liked it Feb 26, Isaac Asimov was a Russian-born, American author, a professor of biochemistry, and a highly successful writer, best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science books.

You do not see Asimov wading often into the oceans of metaphor, and even then rarely does he tread past the shallows of simile – instead he prefers to stick to facts and dialogue, through which he creates his own atmosphere; utilizing the story and characters, as well as the all-important puzzle, as his weapon of choice.

Famous for genre mainstays such as “I, Robot” and the Foundation trilogy, his stories focus primarily around classic Sci-Fi themes such as possible futuristic social scenarios and the dangers of technological proliferation. PF, que demonios es ese rollo de los poemas dedicados a WS Gilbert?


Jokester by Isaac Asimov

Authentication ends after about 15 minutues of inactivity, or when you explicitly choose to end it. C rated it liked it Nov 25, Heinlein and Arthur C. The title story is about Susan Calvin’s discovery of a robot with rather disturbing dreams.

And I call myself a speculative science fiction fan, tsk tsk.

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But you could pick out any of these stories at random and still enjoy it. He penned numerous short stories, among them “Nightfall”, which in was chistsoo by the Science Fiction Writers of America the best short science fiction story of all time, a title many still honor. You guys will know what I mean.

Dec 07, hydrobromide rated it it was ok. Doing that now made me re-evaluate it a bit. Ando ahora enfrascado, entre otros, con la segunda parte.

It might very well have been the first Asimov, maybe even the first work of science fiction, I ever read, and it’s amazing, because it forever shifted my perception of the meaning of time.

Not for me, cbistoso of stupid tale about the first contact with venusians. Aug 10, Stephen rated it it was amazing Shelves: The plot and characters are the important part, not so much the science that just gets to be so much magic or ‘pulling a rabbit out of the hat’ denouement.

Il padre, per tranquillizzarla, prova a chiedere al supercomputer Multivac se vi sia modo di invertire l’entropia, ma questi replica di non aver dati sufficienti per fornire una risposta.

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