Ekiga is a SIP and H VoIP, IP Telephony and Video Conferencing More documentation is available in the manual available through Ekiga’s Help menu. Ekiga SIP Setup and configuration guide for voip settings and pc to phone calling of Ekiga softphone and install to your PC following the instructions here. To install Ekiga for Linux Ubuntu go to the Ubuntu Software Center, type Ekiga and select Install. For Windows the program can be downloaded from the URL.

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We do not think using closed protocols for communications is a good thing. For some unexplained reason, this firmware 1.


The main window of Ekiga opens and you hear a ring sound on your headset or speakers. The limitation is that only the choosen machine can engage in voip calls.

The new group is then added to the group list and preselected.

If the test was unsuccessful e. To set up a private telephone network, you might be interested in the PBX software Asterisk http: Press the Forward eklga at the bottom of the window to start the configuration.


This is the Ekiga manual. Network neighbours is a special group in the roster, called Neighbours, which automatically discovers and shows all ekiga users from your LAN. Audio input microphone and output speaker or headphone levels may be set when a call is in progress. To configure an additional account, proceed as follows:.

Once the account has been created, you will receive a login and a password by e-mail. Hello everyone, This is the first update of the 4. Notice that you need to specify an URI where to forward calls in the preferences to be able to activate that option.

Enter Userand Password according to the data provided by your provider. Ekiga has ENUM support. Ekiga allows to do some simple formatting of the text italic, bold, underline and use some emoticons, accessible from within an active chat window itself.

ekiga(1) – Linux man page

The code and the design of ekiga. You can set a presence status message in Ekiga that advertises your presence to your contacts.

Echo cancellation is based on Speex software. Similarly, you can use the SIP address of your friends and family to call them. You hear the ring sound on your headset mznual your speakers. This setting is made when the Configuration Assistant is run during initial setup of Ekiga, so that an optimal quality codec is selected based on your network connection. Most webcam drivers were buggy, ALSA had not been released yet and full-duplex audio was something difficult to achieve. We are proud to announce the upcoming release of Ekiga 4.


The mxnual type page of the assistant is a bit confusing and error-prone. Answering a Call 7. The jitter buffer will adapt itself to the lowest delay allowing for optimum transmission.

The Ekiga user interface has several tabs available. You should hear a recorded message saying “You’re about to enter an echo test. For video conferencing, a webcam is connected to your computer. Making a Call Select a video plugin and video input device from the list. In the pop-up window that appears, enter your custom message.