With the most passionate eloquence, Riane Eisler proves that the “The Chalice and the Blade may be the most significant work published in all our lifetimes.”. The Chalice and the Blade (ISBN ) is a book by Riane Eisler that purports to explain the origin of “patriarchy” as the result of. Now with an updated epilogue celebrating the 30th anniversary of this groundbreaking and increasingly relevent book. “May be the most significant work publis.

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Riane Eisler If the work of caring for people in households still mostly chalive by women worldwide, were included, it would constitute a whopping 50 percent of Gross Domestic Product GDP.

I read it because I know a number of people who claim this book fundamentally shaped their worldview and a number of others who don’t make that claim, but are certainly influenced by the popularity of Eisler’s ideas.

The Chalice and the Blade – RationalWiki

The Partnership model which prevailed prior to much of our recorded history is what I strive for now. As do the demonization and subjugation of women taught in our culture and reinforced by our preeminent religious tradition. Toward a social ecology: It provides verification that a better future is possible—and is in fact firmly rooted in the haunting dramas of what happened in our past. Wandering over the width and breadth of this disintegrating world, masses of refugees were everywhere fleeing their homelands, desperately searching for a haven, for a safe place to go.

The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future (Updated With a New Epilogue)

There is no consensus as to what the figures represented, but the claims reiterated by Eisler are just about the least likely explanation. Helps clarify how we got where we are, and where we can go if we want to. It has certainly provided many anti-feminist writers with an easy straw woman to knock chlaice.


You’ll have some fun with this. Human Relations Area Files. I guess it’s a sign of how well these ideas have been disseminated since this book was published that I found nothing all that new to me here.

Dating of artifacts was done through assumption until the advent of carbon 14 technology and dendrochronography. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding or removing subheadings. Oct 02, Brendan rated it liked it.

In this Scientific American article Hodder writes—. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: In the legends of old which were refashioned putting the male God on top and the Th in the lower position even humiliating, were used to control the society they had conquered.

The Chalice & the Blade: Highlights of International Impact

Mas eles ainda tem sido fragmentados. The cultures in Half the Sky, for example, are extreme dominator societies. If true, Eisler’s narrative stands as a dire warning of the fate that awaits a society that abandons hierarchy, male dominance, and violence for egalitarian pacifism. Unfortunately, the hope filled vision she has for the future- really like the Star Trek, isn’t it? This book is poorly written, Ms.

Proper dating technology has painted a new picture of the ancient past. She too has hope for the future.

Contextual appreciation of the future and the present. For example, writing of the Minoan civilization noted above, Greek archeologist Nanno Marinatos confirmed that his was a culture in which women played major chalcie in a religion where the Goddess was venerated.

These people worship a male god or gods of war, vengeance, and honor. Life was based on agriculture and fighters were not admired.


This one has been tue my TBR shelf for twenty years, so I figured it was time to read it. Retrieved from ” https: My main criticism is that this book is mark Apparently, the author and the publisher thought that this page work of prevaricated, atrociously researched swill was passable.

Adding information gained by systematic analysis of archaeological evidence for many years completely shifted my understanding of this critical time in Western history. This book was required reading for a workshop I attended on Starr Island for a Religious Education retreat sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association It changed my life as I began to understand and believe that there is an alternative to the Dominator model which most of our world has been living under for the last 4, years.

During the Neolithic times our world was a much different place. Rewriting the Past to Save the Future: And in sharp contrast to the views of later Christian sages, who actually debated whether woman has an immortal soul, Jesus did not preach the ultimate dominator message: It tends to happen that each new book I read then becomes my favorite – but this book did such a good job answering so many questions for me giving me a system wide look instead of too focused that I am now in awe of my new worldview.

Eisler argues that there has been a conspiracy within science to hide these early peaceful societies, as evidence she cites an anecdote about an anthropologist she really likes getting his funding removed.