I just got a Eico regulated power supply but without the schematic or any doc. The C- and the VAC all work fine, but the high voltage. Was cleaning in the basement a bit this afternoon, and stumbled across the schematic for this old Eico power supply on my work bench that’s. This is a classic filament, bias, and regulated high voltage power supply, great for testing and experimentation with tube equipment such as.

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I replaced the rectifier tubes with fresh sico ultra-fast diodes because I wanted to reduce the heat inside the cabinet, promote stability, and reduce transformer load 2. Browse All Upcoming Auctions We appreciate your help in keeping this site going. In addition to stacking the diodes, I installed fuses for each secondary winding. Phase Linear …on the bench!

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Eico HV Tube Power Supply Question | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

No returns or refunds will be permitted, unless authorized by the seller in writing. Electrical voltages are present and represent a danger.

Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. First, I fused the center-tap of the HV winding with a ma fuse mama fuse should be reasonable in this circuit. After that I turned it back on using the variac.

new EICO 1030 Regulated Power Supply INSTRUCTION MANUAL

Very spiffy job on the recap. I fused the screen winding with a 62ma slo-blo fuse, which was the smallest that I had available. Want to phone or mail the auctioneer? I completely forgot that this thing was tube driven. Did you win this item? Last edited by Crist Rigott; at Cleaned up the chassis, front panel, and cabinet.


All buyers shall rely solely on their own investigation and 11030 of any Goods. Chrome DinetteJul 2, The volt meter is very accurate when compared to my DVM!


Want to receive updates about upcoming auctions? MKBJul 3, No Info Available Payment Details: In this power supply, though, I did leave a 40ma PTC in the screen supply, which eic to mitigate inrush current and possibly added some transformer protection.

Jeff Gehring likes this. Some just barely, but still good. The power transformer has a separate winding that supplies screen voltage to the 6L6 pass tubes. Certain items offered for sale at the auction may constitute “Restricted Technology.

The bias supply 6X4 is a half-wave circuit, so I used two in series. Cleaned all the pots and the meter slide switch.

Didn’t even realize I had some NOS spares hidden away all this time. The headings contained herein are for convenience only and shall not limit or alter the Terms hereof.