UNIVERSIDAD DE CUENCA FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS AGROPECUARIAS ESCUELA DE MVZ Dermatitis por ectoparasitos en caninos. Pulgas y garrapatas en perros urbanos y rurales en cuatro regiones en Chile .. Infestación múltiple por ectoparásitos en perros de zonas urbanas y rurales en. Palabras clave: parásitos, perros, Isla Robinson Crusoe, Chile. Cantidad y sexo de ectoparásitos colectados desde 40 perros en San Juan Bautista.

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Parásitos en perros de San Juan Bautista, Isla Robinson Crusoe, Chile

Characterization of ectoparasites on dogs in the nucleus of urban expansion of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The only species of phthiraptera found was Trichodectes canis 7. Ixodidae on wild birds in Chile. In the case of fleas, a higher infestation has been found in rural areas, attributing this to low access to anti-flea products in these areas Farkas et al J Arch Sci ; 36 2: Parasite Vector 3, In urban areas, a double stratified random sampling per building block and household was carried out while in rural areas a convenience sampling was performed until the number of pre-established households was completed.

New strategies for the control of arthropod vectors of disease in dogs and cats.

Vet Parasitol J Med Entomol 37, Instituto Butantan, SP; Clin Inf Dis 38, Pulex similans were captured exclusively on dogs from Boquete and co-exists with I. The chewing lice world ecctoparasitos and biological overview. The collections were conducted from July to Septemberexamining dogs of no defined breed. Trends Parasitol 17, Ectoparsaitos though the possibility of infested dogs with R. In this study, we found the co-existence of R.


Siphonaptera, rural zone, ticks, Ixodidae, phthiraptera. Arch Med Ectoparaeitos 34, The study was conducted in four districts figure 1considering the following areas: Map of Chile, showing selected areas assessed black dots in each studied region highlighted with gray. However, different patterns have been found depending on specific regions between and within countries.

MG3: Control of Ectoparasites in Dogs and Cats

Dogs from lowland towns exhibited a greater richness of ectoparasites than conspecifics from the highlands Table 2. Ixodid tick species recovered from domestic dogs in Japan.

The ticks of Panama.

New Zel Entomol 6, The results of this study partially agree with Costa et alwho detected higher prevalence of dogs with mixed infestations in rural than urban areas. These records provide new data regarding the distribution of these ectoparasites in Panama.

The presence of C.

Due to their vectorial oerros regarding infectious diseases of great importance to both animals and people, a deeper knowledge of the species distribution is relevant to define more appropriate control measures in urban and rural areas of Chile.

Rovery C, Raoult D. A representative sample of these parasites were obtained.


Distribution of ectoparasites of Canis lupus familiaris L. (Carnivora: Canidae) from Panama

This is the first record of H. The presence of A. The species with greatest distributions were the flea Ctenocephalides felis and the ticks Rhipicephalus sanguineus s. First identification of natural infection of Rickettsia rickettsii in the Rhipicephalus sanguineus tick, in the Ectopafasitos of Rio de Janeiro.

The objective of this paper is to present new data regarding the distribution of the ectoparasites infesting Panamanian dogs and to describe their ecological relationships. To determine the distribution of ectoparasites in dogs in Panama.

The frequency of co-existence of R. Presencia accidental de Rhipicephalus sanguineus en un perro de Santiago de Chile.

Flea and ticks species from dogs in urban and rural areas in four districts in Chile. According ectoparaxitos Guglielmone et al 9the development of this tick, including an extra-parasite cycle after feeding, enables it to spread to new localities and ectiparasitos new host, including humans.

Ixodidae asociadas a perros en diferentes ambientes de la provincia de Corrientes, Argentina. This condition may increase transmission risk of some diseases where the ticks and fleas are vectors.