Laboratorio de Ecotoxicología Acuática, Junín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina . likes · 2 talking about this · 1 was here. Laboratorio de. Laboratorio de Ecotoxicología Acuática, Junín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina . likes · 1 was here. Laboratorio de Ecotoxicología Acuática (LEA). Laboratorio de Ecotoxicología Acuática in Junín De Los Andes – Contact details, Address Map, Photos, offers, Real time Reviews and Ratings.

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Informe, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 64 pp. Lysosomal membrane stability is higher in EG mussels than in SV ones for all conditions, although it is decreased at polluted sites compared efotoxicologia that at C.

Interactions of pharmaceuticals and other xenobiotics on hepatic pregnane X receptor and cytochrome P 3A ecotoxicolpgia pathway in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. PAH biomarker responses in polar cod Boreogadus saida exposed to benzo a pyrene.

Evaluating potential effects of exotic freshwater fish from incomplete species presence-absence data.

B Oil spill sources running towards the stream. Comparison of rainbow trout and mammalian cytochrome P enzymes: Gill mass factor GF is affected by the E. Liver and gills from four fish were aseptically dissected out and pooled into one sample of each organ, obtaining a total of three pooled samples per organ and per reach.

The cytochrome P superfamily: Water samples were collected in polyethylene bottles and filtered through glass-fiber filters: Fish were kept in 1. Lysosomal membrane destabilization were more closely, but not exclusively, matched with LC exposure. CYP2K1 and CYP2M1 are involved in the metabolism of fatty acids and estrogenic hormones, and its down-regulation would indicate metabolic alterations.

The study of mRNA expression patterns of multiple CYP genes in rainbow trout gills and liver would be extended in order to evaluate their use for monitoring programs of crude oil pollution and remediation actions on Patagonian freshwater ecosystems. The upstream reach is up of a 1.


Anchorage Alaska, Februarypp. Thus, anomalous expression of both CYP2 could impact on steroid and fatty acid homeostasis in rainbow trout e.

In the wild trout of this study, the higher CYP1A induction in liver than in gills could be related to the conserved physiological function of each organ and constitutive expression of each CYP1 forms, as it was previously described in O. Petroleum exposure and associated biochemical effects in subtidal fish after the Exxon Valdez oil acuuatica.

A Oil remains afloat on the surface of stream water.

Ecotoxicologia acuatica – Jaime Alberto Palacio Baena – Google Books

Predictors of relative fish biomass in lakes and reservoirs of Argentina. First, we explored the heavy crude oil effects on these possible biomarkers in evotoxicologia juvenile rainbow trout that were caught in the La Mina stream, up and downstream of the oil acuuatica.

Wild, juvenile rainbow trout CYP, petroleum spill, fish, contaminated stream, Patagonia. Hence, the response of the last ones to crude oil could be less specific but not less useful indicating some metabolic alterations. CYP3A27 levels were only induced in liver of wild trout 1.

A bp ladder Winkler was used as the molecular mass marker. In contrast, gill CYP1A transcripts returned to control levels before 96 h. We found induced CYP3A27 transcript levels only in liver of impacted wild trout, suggesting an induction at longer time than four days. Masaryk Ecotoxicoloiga, Czech Republic, 62 pp. TPH concentration in sediments was 0. For the experiments, juvenile rainbow trout 3.

Oil exposure induced gill and liver CYP1A transcription 1. The number of cycles of denaturation phase was selected to catch the exponential amplification, by previous calibration of each mRNA. Similarly, aromatic hydrocarbons ecotxicologia act as endocrine-disrupting chemicals in O.

In vitro effects of endosulfan-based insecticides on mammalian sperm.

Biological monitoring of marine pollutants Ecotoxicolpgia. Metabolism of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the aquatic environment. Induction patterns of new CYP1 genes in environmentally exposed rainbow trout.


We performed post hoc comparisons between control and treatments, for both 24 and 96 h, of all pairs of groups using two-sided significance levels with a Bonferroni adjustment.

ecotoxicologiw United States Environmental Protection Agency. In contrast, more extended time and high PAH concentration e. The only effect attributable exclusively to PST was increased phagocytic activity after 3 days and impaired feeding activity after 7 days, which curtailed toxin accumulation in digestive glands. However, there are few studies on the nature of PXR ligands in fish Ekins et al.

Departamento de Química Biológica

We assessed the molecular responses to oil pollution in juvenile rainbow trout sampled from La Mina stream, 30 km from Bariloche City. Editado por TW Parsons, Bariloche, pp.

Our results show that the total hemocyte number decreases while pollution load increases along the river course for both, EG and SV mussels. Hence, patterns of multiple CYP genes expression in rainbow trout gills and liver could be especially valuable for monitoring programs of crude oil pollution and remediation actions on Patagonian freshwater ecosystems. The TPH was 5. As far as we know, this is the first ecotoxicological study on the oil spill in La Mina stream, and one of the few related studies in Patagonia.

Mussels were fed for 90 days with E. This well-preserved low-order stream is particularly suitable for oil exposure biomarker studies since the control and the impacted areas are consecutive reaches, thus, the studied individuals belong to the same population, and the oil spill is the only cause of water quality change. All statistical analyzes were performed using SPSS