Class lecture notes for third Year,sixth semester Computer Networks (Subject Code: EC) is available here in PDF formats for you to. In recent years, the network that is making significant impact in our day-to-day life is the Computer network. By computer network we mean an interconnected set. EC / EC62 / EC Computer Networks Complete Notes-Unit Wise ECE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Electronics and Communication.

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The private key is kept by the receiver. The system must deliver data in a timely manner.

What are the duties of the transport layer? Raghavendra Reddy Malapati Page 12 If the neighborhood responds to the greeting as expected, it is assumed to be alive and functioning. It contains synchronization, flag, flow and error control specifications necessary to move information from one place to another, as well as the physical address of the next station to receive and route a packet.

The control connection uses very simple rules of communication. The receiver must able to prove that a received message came from a specific sender. Discuss the mode for propagating light along optical channels There are two modes for propagating light along optical channels, multimode and single mode. One portion of the IP address nofes a networking and the other represents the host in a network. How will the congestion be avoided? The system must deliver data to the correct botes.


HTML is a computer language for specifying the contents and format of a web document.


Write the keys for understanding the distance vector routing. These deals with electrical specifications, physical connection, transport timing and reliability. The data must be transmitted using NRZ-L encoding. The transport layer creates a communication between the source and destination. After the connection, all packets follow the same route and arrive in sequence.

The seven layers of the OSI model belonging to three subgroups. One or more synchronization bits are usually added to the beginning of each frame. Permutation is transposition in bit level.

The most common and least expensive mechanism for error detection is the vertical redundancy check VRC often called a parity check. The receiver must follow these steps a The unit is divided into k section each of n bits. What is time-to-live or packet lifetime?

Raghavendra Reddy Malapati Page 3 Write short notes on error correction. This redundancy may create delays of indeterminable length if the traffic is heavy. Mention the categories of flow control.

What is meant by Permanent virtual circuit? What are the four internetworking devices? What are the rules of boundary-level masking? An active hub contains a repeater that regenerates the received bit patterns before sending them out. The control data added to the end of a data is called trailers.

In secret key, the same key is used by both parties. At the receiving machine, the headers or trailers attached to the data unit at the corresponding sending layers are removed, and actions appropriate to that layer are taken.


IP address is the 3-bit number for representing a host or system in the network. Fixed-content documents that are created and stored in a server. Write short notes on FDDI. Define the following terms. It is used in crating dynamic documents.

Write short notes on LRC. For each connection, the user can request a particular attribute each service class is associated with a set of attributes.

What are data grams? The sender and receiver are communicating with each other and are using some types of flow control at a higher level.

What is meant by brouter? What are the rules of no boundary-level masking? For communication, the entities must agree on a protocol.

EC Computer Networks Lecture Notes – NPR Edition

In this method, if our frame is lost or damaged, all frames sent since the last frame acknowledged are retransmitted. What are the steps followed in checksum generator? Domain Name System can map a name to an address and conversely an address to name. What is meant by segment? These bits are called framing bits.

It is the mechanism to correct the errors and it can be handled in 2 ways.