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Further more, through these characters and their conflicts, the book did a very good job of askslonu the gap between Guild Wars cuchy Guild Wars 2 by explaining a lot of the events of the past and present, without it reading like a condescending history lesson.

And then that December,I signed up for Goodreads, which was where I really got into reading and reading about reading. The death of Prince Rurik is one of those gaming moments you never forget; you are with him when it occurs, and you are unable to save him; so reading about the world-changing consequences The best part about this book is that, as a long-time Guild Wars player, I’ve been reading about places I’ve visited, events I took part in, and foes I defeated.

Despite that, I was able to enjoy the book. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes adventure books and is looking for a great read! The group consists of varied personalities, many of which do not get along, but their conflicts were not tedious and I appreciated the way the different characters so strongly represented the basic character traits of their respective races, while still developing unique personalities and growing as characters as the story progressed.

I started playing Guild Wars specifically to learn the lore of the series for myself, but this book serves as an acceptable background reader — at least for the Prophecies storyline. Apr 02, Megz Pritchard rated it askallnu was amazing. Characters didn’t have to make a hard choice, they just acted ducht they were told. I remember it being very immersing and exciting. Want to Read saving….


I was sad about Killeen’s death, but it’s probably askalonk that since the moment she’d been introduced I knew she would die, because I’ve seen her grave in the game long before starting the novel.

The story dragged in bits and the ending seemed rushed as well as Nor any signs of hesitation. Plus it was like five bucks. But one obstacle remains. The pace is neither too slow nor too fast, and you don’t drag yourself through it.

The way I see it, at least each individual character has a personality, even if they are two-dimensional and never stray too far from their roles. It’s very possible that this could still just be a fun little adventure book, but having that background and having spent a little time with characters like these really brought the book to life for me.

Their voices in the book were all perfect. View all 3 comments.

The actual story, however, was just ok. Ghosts of Ascalon, similar to Edge of Destiny, askalpnu a group of unlikely companions working together towards a task for the greater good — in this case, finding the Claw of Khan-Ur in hopes of aiding the truce talks between centuries long enemies, humans and charr. It is based off an RPG, it meant to connect the two games together, and doesn’t go too in-depth on much of anything.

How it made me cry after a character not naming names that i grew attached to died. I did simply not care enough for the characters for the most part. I am not going to talk about that it seems a bit stupid, that a single gift of a weapon could establish peace, like, here, have some sword with gems and everything will be solved.

This is not an intellectually challenging read but frankly my intellect needs a rest now and again. I seem to recall also getting into an argument with my grandfather about Michael Jackson and discovering a bunch of maggots in my bowl of cereal.


Ghosts of Ascalon (Guild Wars, #1) by Matt Forbeck

Expected stuff for a new teenage reader. I was willing to accept that my low rating of Edge of Destiny had a lot to do with my new found bias against the characters, but in reading Ghosts of Ascalon now, I have come to realize that Edge of Destiny really was not that impressive in its storytelling and certainly not in its characterization. I have so many contradictory feelings regarding this book.

The end was sudden and I missed the way back, and know what happen in the end with our heroes. The thing is, you have to take this book for what it is.

It should be said, if it is not already obvious, that I do play and enjoy Guild Wars. Absolutely no “Ah, shit! Desperate to defend his land from advancing hordes of bestial charr, King Adelbern summoned the all-powerful Foefire to repel the invaders. To save humankind, Queen Jennah seeks to negotiate a treaty with the hated charr. For more on my work, see Forbeck. Who needs Catcher in the Rye when you have some great genre fiction? Clearly he’s put a lot of thought into this. It was of course because he knew I liked reading and dabbled in writing that he asked me.

Guild Wars changed my life? I will miss them, but Thank you, ye mighty Guild Wars!

Guild Wars Duchy Askalonu

Asura, Norn, and Charr are all familiar races. I had to have a bestiary open on my browser just to look up the races of some of the main characters.

Instead I found a bunch of emotional teenagers whose failure to defeat an elder dragon in the book had turned them into bitter, whiny teenagers in the game.