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IX 1 General Chemical, common quar. J-J Lack Steel g 5s Louis S a t. The issuance of —At a recent meeting of the board of directors of the the new stock was authorized on Dec. Dt advance was in this case made should be, he will be justified in calling his subordinates Senator Knox voting for itbut subsequently the to account for their shortcomings.

In colored cottons some lines are well sold up, andin the low end an improved demand is noted. Rock Hill, York County, S.

Report for Fiscal Year ending Dec. Interest semi-annually at the Haverhill, Mass.


Jon es, P resid e n t; T. D ed u ction s. But the dividend announcements have, in a great m ajority of cases, been considerably better than forecasts made of them by experts.

Maturity April 1 It is said, however, that shipments from Havre have increased to this country with a view to forestalling any possible duty.

Solis, a member of the New York Stock mortgages, real estate and investments. Everywhere throughout the W est, Northwest and Southwest cash prices have been strong and higher. We have said that the threat of war, as a consequence of the international friction involved in the incident, has never impressed us seriously.


A list of the bidders whose opinion will be delivered to dtto purchaser. Webb CityJasper County, Mo. Here in the East— we mean in this latitude— weather conditions were extremely mild.

J Detroit City Gas g 6 s His estimate points to an augmentation in output in of 58, fine dtk, the aggregate yield being placed atfine ounces, againstfine ounces in No bid will be accepted for less than par and accrued Interest. For the seven months ended Jan.

West A India has been firmer, with a good demand for Java. J-D 2d 7s Average deposits fell off activity. A n nual m eetin g: Exchange firm of Dick Bros. There were some snow storms in the West the latter part of the month, which temporarily interfered with the train schedules of some lines and retarded the business of such lines to an extent; but there was no general or wide-spread blockade such as often exists in a winter month when meteorological conditions are particularly unpropitious.

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. That will be evident availing of its vast power to obtain all this information, to every one. Stroudsburg, Monroe County, Pa. Stocks have been reduced appreciably as receipts have diminished rapidly, millers having shipped in a decidedly sparing w ay, owing to the small deliveries of wheat by farmers to country stations. I understand the error is line of setting the BigDecimal, but could not determine what is causing issue.


Even home railway stocks have felt the effect of the change of feeling, and have advanced considerably. It is not many years would be paid in a lump sum instead of by installments, since the subway was an expectation only, and the as had been generally supposed.

Joliet P la n t.

T u rn er, Cashier. Hooper is Birmingham, Ala. Miles CityCuster Insurance Co. The transactions in railway bonds at the Exchange have decreased day by day, but the market 2287 still moderately active and prices have been fairly well maintained. W ashington Westchester Windsor – Ask Flour has been strong. Staten Island Water Supply Co. General attention was called a few days ago to 50 50 a noteworthy increase in the spot business at Memphis.

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