Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes (FRED) for use as free-wheeling diodes; Soft recovery prevents generation of overvoltage spikes. DSEKA Inventory, Pricing, Datasheets from Authorized Distributors at ECIA . Instant results for DSEKA. DSEK A – fast recovery epitaxial diodes,, housings: TOAD. manufacturer, IXYS Corporation. manufacturer’s name, DSEKA.

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This will help designers to reduce component count and improve reliability. The most common function of a diode is to allow an electric current to pass in one direction called the diode’s forward directionwhile blocking current in the opposite direction the reverse direction.

A diode is a two-terminal electronic component with an asymmetric transfer characteristic, with low ideally zero resistance to current flow in one direction, and high ideally infinite resistance in the other. These devices are available with blocking voltages to 4. With such low onstate resistances, these devices offer low conduction and switching losses while a low input capacitance.

Thus, in general, none of the series diodes will be overstressed by reverse voltages which are substantially above the avalanche voltage.

MXR IXYS, MXR Datasheet – Page 5

Package style Outline drawings on pages O The driver features a fibre-optic communication interface for drive, status and switching feedback signals.

This enables designers to reduce component count, thereby improving drive circuit simplicity and cost structure. In a circuit this current slope, in conjunction with parasitic inductances e. For the device type, they also exhibit high current ratings in excess of A.


Contents. IXYS. General

These diodes incorporate a unique manufacturing process and lifetime control to offer a class leading trade-off between conduction and switching loses. Outlines on pages O Stress above one or more of the limiting values may cause permanent damage to the device.

In additional to power semiconductor assembly, we can offer dsem sub-assemblies to our customer s requirements, such as fuse panels and capacitor banks as well as contract manufacture to your designs. This Certificate is valid for the following product or service ranges: Devices with blocking voltages from V up to 6kV are available making them ideal for 06x with line voltages up to 2kV. Houston, Texas, October 29, for the Accredited Unit: Devices with voltage ratings to 6 kv 3.

CMK uses a disc spring stack. Standard bonded DCB panel dimensions are: IXYS has also reduced the wafer thickness, which substantially reduces the thermal resistance of the device. Spring contacts vsek the gate terminals offer a solder-free connection of the control-board.

Surge suppression and fusing can be added to protect the devices from voltage transients and short circuits. As voltages increase, so do switching losses and turn-off time to a point where they become significant in line frequency applications.

Pulsed Power As a pioneer in the development of solid state pulsed power components and systems, we able to deliver anything from dsem components to fully integrated energy transfer switches. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. It is feasible to use standard housings with appropriate accessories for designing compact power converter operating from AC mains up to V.


At the same case temperature, the die can control higher currents, saving space and costs by utilizing a smaller number of components.

It is available in 2 pin out version: The B3-Class feature an excellent balance between conduction and switching losses and are optimized for hard switching frequencies from 5khz to 40khz, allowing for ideal implementation in critical applications such as solar inverters where energy efficiency is paramount.

October 25, This Certificate is valid until: Parallel operation with these dsekk provides a more cost-effective solution than employing series-connected, lower-voltage MOSFETs. The customer is in the focus We want to make sure that customer is the center of attention. Also available are water cooled, single and three phase assemblies from to Amps DC. Optimised to offer low conduction losses, these devices are ideally suited to line frequency applications including input rectifiers for variable speed drives, traction converters, trackside substations, welding and — power supplies.

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