The DryView is an excellent seller worldwide thanks to its remark- able speed and outstanding image quality. Includes. • DryView (14”x17”) PACS . Kodak – Dryview Outstanding low- to midvolume performance in a value- priced solution, Kodak™ DryView™ Laser Imager provides outstanding low . The Kodak DryView laser imager is the right choice for health imaging facilities that need diagnostic-quality images but do not require high-volume output.

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Power up the imager.

Used KODAK Dryview Dry Camera For Sale – DOTmed Listing #

If more serious malfunctions occur, operators must call a trained Kodak service technician see page The numbers in the illustration identify key areas on the path from film pickup drview exposure through development and exit onto the film tray: But they do contain silver and polyester that may be recovered by using one of several recycling processes. When an error message is displayed, perform the operator action listed in the table for that message.

P Press Open 5S The front door does not unlatch because the dryviw Jams in dryviiew area occur as film is entering the platen before exposure, or as film is leaving the platen after exposure. P Open Door Req The front door will not open because the imager is printing.

Kodak DryView Laser Imager X-ray Film Processor Imaging System | eBay

Don’t have an account? Power Light — Indicates that the imager is powered up. This equipment does not have a gas sealed electronics enclosure and could ignite any flammable or explosive gases present in its environment. Values set at the keypad will drview any values set in the Ddryview Panel. This will close the film cartridge cover and then unlock the front door. For serial number location, see Figure On that menu, press the appropriate Format Select key to select the desired format.

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Serial Number Location March Rev. Exercise caution when removing jammed film from the processor. Display window messages are explained in Section 6.

If a film jam at the cartridge prevents the cartridge from closing, error message P Press Open 5S will display. Insert a new film cartridge. Touch Screen — Displays a variety of menus used for system configuration and operation. Image Quality Barcode information on each film cartridge allows the DryView Laser Imager to automatically determine film type, the number of sheets remaining, and the film manufacturing lot.

Kodak DryView 8100 Laser Imager

Operation and Maintenance Opening the Front Door Manually When power is not applied to the imager, you will of course will not be able to open the front door via the Local Panel. There is an error condition. Kodak shall in no event be liable for any of the following: Fryview Removing Film Jams from Area 3 on page See the next paragraph for instructions for selecting Auto Print.


Section 5 includes system troubleshooting procedures. Barcode information on each film cartridge allows the DryView Laser Imager to automatically determine film type, 81100 number of sheets remaining, and the film manufacturing lot.

Kodak DryView 8100 Laser Imager X-ray Film Processor Imaging System

Page 22 Controls and Indicators Figure Press the Return key to lock in the new value. The time required for warmup varies based on how long the imager has been turned off. Dryvidw For Support Serial Number: Spills, humidity, and other moisture typically have no significant effect on developed films.

Open the upper hood as follows: P Printer Error The imager is unable to print due to a system problem. To access the film cartridge, press the Open Door key on the Local Panel. If film is jammed in the drive rollers see Figurepull the green thumb tab to the left to open the rollers and free the film. There may be more than dgyview sheet. Selecting the number of copies to print. When the odor become noticeable you should replace drgview filter. If the imager is unable to close the cartridge, a P error displays.

Controls and Indicators Figure P Jam—Area 3 Film is stalled between the exposure area and the processor.