Source from the Dream Girls script © Tom Eyen and John F. Breglio and an out of town tryout in Boston, Dreamgirls came to Broadway in and was. Read the Dreamgirls full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Movie Scripts > Dreamgirls () .. It’s strictly pay-for-play with those boys. That takes . Dreamgirls Script (Message Board) Having seen the original Broadway production countless of times (including the original version BEFORE.

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She’s almost nine now. I want you to stay. Yeah, I know, baby. Come on, baby, it’s time to go to bed.

And I’d do anything for y’all. You haven’t changed much, either.

Dreamgirls Script

You know, I say this from the bottom of my heart. Oh, Deena, it’s so different.

What about what’s best for me? Actually, I take that back. Take the cat, kit and caboodle Take your broken-down car Your smelly cigar And just move right out of my Move right out of deamgirls life Come on! You wrote that song, Move On.

I’ve got the break of your lives. But I think you’re gonna enjoy it. Yeah, Jimmy was a real little shit.

You can’t kill a man with soul! Love, love me, baby Love, love me, child ‘Cause baby, baby, baby You’re driving me wild I’m somebody, somebody And nobody’s gonna hold me down No, dgeamgirls, nobody, nobody’s gonna hold me down I’m somebody It all started on the streets of Detroit, where three girls named Deena, Lorrell and Michelle dreamed about one day becoming singing stars. I deramgirls Billie here every winter from ’42 to ‘ If you ever need some help, just give me a call.


And we can’t afford to stop now, because our nation has a date with destiny. You know how important this is. It’s degrees in here, and you’re the only one wearing a mink stole. Everybody can hear you. scrip

We wanted to surprise you, Curtis. You got so heavy, baby Heavy, heavy You got so heavy on me You used to want nothing from me You used to say, “Let’s both be free” You used to dance instead of walk – Tighten up on camera two. Well, I see you’re just as much trouble as you ever were. I’m calling you I’m calling you the common piece he’s knocking off Now, you listen to ,usical Miss Blame It On Dresmgirls World See, I’ve put up with you for much too long I have put up with your bitching I’ve put up with your nagging And all your screaming, too Now, when are you two gonna stop all this fighting?

You’d svript watch your mouth. Go wait in the car, Mama. The scrpit be, “Move, move, move. Oh, well, honey, I’m fine with that. That won’t be a problem, Jerry. He’s done movies, Broadway, clubs acts, you name it. Of course he’s confused.

I hear Curtis is still trying to get that crazy black Cleopatra made. I’m 18, so I’m a woman. I didn’t even realize it was the same actress as that girl who ripped off her nails!

Act Two shows the creation and the arrival of disco — though the word is never used in the script. Musival start out with two scoops of ice cream, some sauce, – and then you put a cherry on top.


Dreamgirls Script (Message Board)

We dreamgirrls do nothing about that. Every man has his own special dream And your dream’s just about to come true Life’s not as bad as it may seem If you open your eyes To what’s in front of you We’re your dream girls Boys, we’ll make you happy Yeah We’re your dream girls Boys, we’ll always care We’re your dream girls Dream girls will never leave you No, no And all you got to do is dream, baby We’ll be there Dream Dream girls will help you through the night Dream Dream wcript will make you feel all right Dream girls keep you dreamin’ your whole life through Your dream girls can make your dreams come true We’re your dream girls Boys, we’ll make you happy Sccript, yeah, yeah We’re your dream girls Boys, we’ll always What do you mean?

Music is supposed to sell.

We go on in two minutes. Scrpit, I know you’re tired. Of course, yeah, of course. You got Otis, J. But I can’t sing with someone I don’t know.