The Vigor series is DrayTek’s flagship premium ADSL router/firewall family. Packed with features, the Vigor offers truly comprehensive ADSL. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not upgrade directly from (and earlier) to Due to differences in the Web UI and functionality the router MUST first be. DrayTek Vigorn download manual. Vigorn User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the DrayTek Vigorn router.

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Go to System Maintenance page and choose Administrator Password. You can set up to 96 sets of Service Type Objects with different conditions. The front number you type here is the first part of the account number that you want to execute special function according to the chosen mode by using the prefix number.

Follow the instruction to submit the request. Remote Dial-in User Now, your system will ask you to choose right 220 of the printer that you installed onto the router.

Index of /ftp/Vigor2820/Manual

Please contact dratek your ISP for detailed information. Basic Wireless Lan Concept Advanced Web Configuration After finished basic configuration of the router, you can access Internet with ease.

If the 2nd IP address of your router is Page Connect to CA server via web browser. Page 95 To activate the function of limit session, simply click Enable and set the default session limit. Table Of Contents Before starting to configure the router, you have to connect your devices correctly.


Then the router will restart mahual the factory default configuration. You can type similar name with the domain. DTMF From this page, you can find draytel, connection and other important call status for each port.

Draytek Vigor 2820 Series Quick Start Manual

Click Backup button to get into the following dialog. Ppp For Wan2 When you finish the selection, click Next.

It is a protocol for connecting two access points AP wirelessly. Click Restore button and wait for few seconds, the following picture will tell you that the restoration procedure is successful.

It also restricts users in the local network from accessing the Internet. European Community Declarations No.

Draytek Vigor Vn Manuals

Trouble Shooting This section will guide you to solve abnormal situations if you cannot access into the Internet after installing the router and finishing the web configuration. If your router can be under an environment with high speed NAT, the configuration provide here can help you to deploy and use the router quickly.

Click Local printer attached to this computer and click Next. Application And Examples The most common case is that you may want to connect to network securely, such as the remote branch office and headquarter. Please click Backup on the following screen to save them. The example is based on Windows XP. Dhcp Table The facility provides information on IP address assignments.


Configuring Basic Settings For use the router properly, it is necessary for you to change the password of web configuration for security and adjust primary basic settings.

The most common case is that you may want to connect to network securely, such as the remote branch office and headquarter.


In most cases, a Cable service provider will offer a fixed public IP, while a DSL service provider will offer a public subnet. Make sure your PC connects to the router correctly. If you cannot find out a suitable one, please choose User Defined and fill out the corresponding values for dial tone, ringing tone, busy tone, congestion tone by yourself for VoIP phone.