Dräger Savina® The Savina® combines the independence and power of a turbine-driven ventilation system with state-of-the-art ventilation modes. Service Technicians Forum Drager Savina Service Manual omer kurt gateelektronik hi I need service manual drager savina ventilator. Service Technicians Respiratory Forum Savina Service Manual Pere Sureda IBERMANSA Could someone share with me the service.

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Dräger Savina 300 Classic

What’s what Front connection block 1 Flow sensor 2 Expiration valve with expiration port 3 Socket for draager gas temperature sensor plug 30 Inspiration port 5 Gas supply port for the medicament nebuliser 6 Protective dtager for O sensors The device should only be left connected to the power supply in well-ventilated rooms.

To remedy the faults, please refer to the “Troubleshooting” section starting on page Reconnect Savina to the mains voltage in order to charge the internal battery and, if applicable, the external battery again immediately. Your team will be using the Savnia with confidence in just a short time. When setting the pressure limit, ensure that the tidal volume V is still being applied, as otherwise Savina will display a “!!

If this time criterion occurs three times in succession, Savina displays a warning message “!!! Positioning The Humidifier Order Draher on page Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation for treatment of respiratory failure due to exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

If no Serial No. Around the globe, Savina ventilators have logged more than million hours of therapy time, setting standards for quality and reliability. Infrastructure independence The integrated turbine ensures true independence from central drive gas supplies or external compressors. Savina contains permanent batteries that contain harmful substances. Care Care Observe the hospital hygiene regulations. Flow calibration Remove any left-over medicament from the medicament nebulizer.


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Drager Savina Service Manual – Service Technicians Forum

Tidal volume low” message. It can easily adapt to your changing needs, providing ventilation therapy on an ICU ward one day, and NIV on a regular ward the next. The O sensor for O control and display sensor 1 is automatically calibrated by Savina: The trigger can be switched off if spontaneous breathing by the patient is not expected or desired.

Do not operate Savina without a microfilter, as the inspiration side will get dirty.

After the program has started, during the oxygen enrichment phase Savina ventilates in the selected ventilation mode for up to seconds with Vol.

Spontaneous breathing at a raised pressure level, to increase the functional residual capacity FRC. Menus focus on the essential elements of operation — the ones you need every day. Operation with an external battery or DC on-board network In the event of a mains power failure, Savina seamlessly switches over to the external DC power supply connected.

Slide new microfilter into housing as far as it will go. Savina ventilates with a mixture of air delivered by a blower and O When using an O cylinder supply, the maximum possible Operation Operation Starting Up Insert the plug into the mains socket. Technical data Tachypnoea monitoring Alarm if the total frequency is exceeded during spontaneous breathing.

For Your Safety And That Of Your Patients For your safety and that savinz your patients For your safety and that of your patients Strictly follow the instructions for use Liability for proper function or damage Any use of the apparatus requires full understanding and strict The liability for the proper function of the apparatus is observation of these instructions.


Extreme savlna Certain ventilation parameters are limited by Savina to a threshold value. Check settings Due to an internal data loss, Savina is Check settings and adjust. Disconnection and change of O concentration would activate the alarms.

Clean and prepare the machine after each patient. After operating the Savina with an internal battery: Technical data Weight Basic machine approx. Using NIV When masks are used, the dead space increases. The total length of the inspiratory hoses between Aquapor and the Y-piece must be not less than 1. Savina immediately continuous ventilating in the set ventilation mode. Connect ventilation hoses, and note length of hoses in metres.

Dräger Savina Instructions For Use Manual

If a mains supply is available, Savina automatically switches to mains voltage and charges the internal and external batteries. Mobile phones can cause interference with electrical If a fault is detected in the Savina so that its life-support and electronic medical apparatus, thereby putting patients functions are no longer assured: Technical data Plateau time Tplat Range 0 to 10 s Resolution 0.

Remove fuse for internal battery. Page If a tidal volume V of mL has been set and 50 mL are lost during inspiration, Savina will automatically deliver mL. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Savina is switched off. All alarms are immediately reactivated.

Accuracy 21 to vol. Checklist Plateau pressure remains constant.

To end apnoea ventilation: Fit new dust filter.