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Once again, a good reference book on gardening techniques is a must for any complete survival library. Yet according to our nurses who have been there-done that, water and its constant clean supply is the one element of survival nursing that breaks down first.

Conversely, all surface water should be filtered and treated, as should any water suspected of having originated in or run through a man-made area such as an old dump or abandoned mine. FOOD 39 The green cattail flowers that eventually become the dead brown knobs are good when young, either steamed or boiled, much like corn on the cob.

We, for instance, cannot grow corn reliably in our area, but mevicine do remark- ably well. One hopes that all of this tough work will lead to patient recovery, but this happy conclusion is far from certain.

Do-It-Yourself Medicine

A good trick to get started is to simply look at what the neighbors are raising. Cabins, swimming pools, green- houses, and the like can be heated nicely from these hot-water wells.

He or she may also die from lack of care while you are out trying to make up a batch of firewood rafnar scrounge a bag of coal from the seam behind the retreat. This book is not yet yougself on Listopia.

But before starting in with any treatment, it is important to determine the cause. This latter case, so typical of survival nursing, required instant attention lest the lad bleed to death.


I do raise corn, some onions, and tomatoes, but only as a kind of exotic experiment. On the murderous side of the scale, the government of Ethiopia withheld food from starving Eritreans during that country’s civil war in the s, resulting in the deaths of thousands.

We keep all powders and pills, except those that warn otherwise, in the freezer. Then, within reason, it won’t matter how many extra pairs of socks, long underwear, and shirts are thrown in the laundry basket. Workers and patients must be able to stand up straight in the shelter, ruling out most dome, tepee, pup, and mountain tents unless it is a temporary emergency.

Many of Kate’s days were also spent with the men reading, listening, counseling, and writing letters for them besides scrounging and preparing food. These devices are easy and quick to build, but they require a bit of not always intuitive maintenance, especially if the source water is slimy.

Dealing with four tykes in a backwoods setting also calls into question her claim that she has no experience as a survival nurse! Often these sources of water are small, not enough to be of much practical value unless collected into a holding area.

Full text of “Ragnar Benson Book Collection”

Because of its limited shelf life, most animal health stores may have to spe- cial order for you. Floors and walls must be scrubbed down repeatedly. The outfit was so simple he merely dumped new fuel in from a bucket rather than rigging some sort ravnar gravity feed. Cool or cold patients recover slowly, if at all, because they must spend so much energy try- beenson to stay warm rather than recovering.

When combined with the crafty harvesting of game 27 SURVIVAL NURSING 28 animals, a well-run garden appropriate for your area, and a judicious reliance on stored supplies, a survival nursing station can provide enough protein-rich meat and vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables for patient and staff alike.


The resulting fire is not as clean as gas, but it is as clean as charcoal and heating oil I suspect a homemade stove fueled by peat similar to the oil spark heater would work well. Fresh eggnog was one of her principal delicacies.

Use earlier, light-colored leaves and peel the roots to reduce bitterness. Shovel out a trench about 5 feet wide across the seep and per- haps 6 feet deep behind it uphill.

Cold-weather tents are built with a stout ridgepole running through the top down gy center of the structure to support bu of the necessary insulation and rain coverings. In other words, more of an attempt is made to use time-saving devices such as washing machines and sewing machines, for instance, than in other survival situations. This wood will probably consist of logs from the forest, old rail- road ties, pallets takes one per day to keep her quarters warm, one nurse reportspieces of burned-out buildings, or other refuse and trash.

The survivalist’s guide to do-it-yourself medicine

Some may start to go out of condition and die: We genson have experience with epilepsy, so the condition is forgotten. Benson is what you and I would call a survivalist, and what Benson prefers to call a preparedness type of person.

A very low blue surface flame burns fumes from oil, heating the room.

Unlike acorns, bitterness in dandelions doesn’t mean that they’re unsafe to eat. Some are really half-baked and some are orig- inal and practical. Commonly this opposition took on sexual overtones.

Medical doctors don’t like tents for these reasons.