Hello!Up for sale is a really cool multi-effects unit by Digitech the TSR!Tons of effects available in this box. Delays, reverbs, Find great deals for DigiTech Tsr True Stereo Reverb Multi-effects Processor Project. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I don’t think I would replace this unit with a another Digitech product. Since I have an extensive amount of equipment I would not need to replace it, but if it was.

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I am using this piece primarily in my home studio. It is certain that euros, this effect dethroned in more than one, especially since it is not that difficult to find. When you’ve made your selections or digitec out of Blocksyou patch the effects together. Programmability is of course much more capable than the MPX El ChigueteJan 2, Stuff like having a Phaser on the Left and a Flanger on the Right and having them digitecu pan back and forth.

Login or Sign Up. Eagle1 dogitech, Nov 29, In short the whole is very very good, and is netement best that I could try to boss The biggest compromise is that your total of four or five effects modules per algorithm is now split in two.

I’ve not tried any of them yet though.

You can create more complex user algorithms and odd effects. When you powered it up the display would flash the Digitech sales info accross the display but never change, you could not access the utility screens per the instruction manual.


A reverb should allow for clearity and placement of the sound in the sound field. And yes, you WILL want the unit with an expander card installed, as the internal processor tssr out of juice pretty quickly when you start to create. I suspect the TSRS will be similar.

digitech tsr 24

The TSR was nearly transparent in front of the amp or after. Initially I bought a used Rocktron Xpression as it tst the newest most moderncandidate though lacking in some areas. Distortion and Distortion a little louder with some delay for leads. MetalGuitardDec 2, Home Forums Recent Posts. Most of the presets and algorithms are complex but if all you want is a chorus and a reverb, there’s probably already a preset or algorithm in there you can tweak.

So one mor question then I don’t remember it being any gsr to program, so the TSR should be even easier.

The manual is complete. The rest of the effects are equally excellent: I returned home Chicago IL. Turn one knob to get to the effect, the other knob to pick the parameter you want to adjust and ANOTHER knob to actually adjust the parameter. I have it available!

I wanted an effects processor that had the ability to chain redundant effects like 2 Choruses or a Phaser and Flange, etc. The speed increase is associated with: I had a G-Major v. You’ll get the following benefits: I would go for a lexicon Digitecj over the tsr Sort by most recent most useful.


digitech tsr 24 | The Gear Page

I have tried the assign 1 while starting up and digiyech the program up button, but no asterisk and no results. Since I have an extensive amount of equipment I would not need to replace it, but if it was my only digital processor I would most likely spend a little more money and buy a Lexicon MPX-1 which has very a very good user interface and an excellent footcontroller. Dec 11, We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. Virtually every control you see in the menu can be linked to midi and controlled in digitsch time if you like, giving you unprecedented control over shaping your sound from a midi foot controller like the also discontinued PMC or the like.

I was told that it needed to have the software reloaded and since they where doing this they upgraded me by two versions. One of the most attractive selling points of the TSRS is its ability to be used as two discrete processors. It was one of the first TSRS models. I spent a fair amount of time the last few days exploring mine.

Now choose which Controller will do the controlling, its operating range, and that’s it.