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It may use the extended range duration for the adjusted V-shift rating.

Diaspora SRD

Spears come in many varieties. At the end of the first session in which no new Wealth stress or Consequences have been acquired, erase all Wealth stress. At this point, the game would normally revert to the individual tactical game: I’m sure there are others out there.

If the sum of the offensive Beam used plus the defensive Beam used is greater than the total Beam rating, then the ship takes a hit on the Heat stress track equal to the difference and marks all boxes below as well.

Modern Path d20 http: Feel free to push the system around and find other victory conditions. The advantage of going last goes to the person who speaks last.

The Composure stress track is modified by Resolve. Only ship Aspects may be used to modify the roll, and they use ship fate points. Zero cannons project a freezing line straight out from a generator, affecting any dlaspora within the line. Note also that a good defense against hacking can inflict damage on dias;ora attacking Data stress track, even if the defending communications officer does not have Military-grade Communications.


Other, rare forms disapora energy damage exist, and such weapons specify whether they target EAC in their descriptions. Maybe it won’t be so hard to get my players to try it after all. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Arc pistols fire deadly, stunning blasts of electricity at ranged targets. These are areas that don’t offer tactical options.

This may have its own Consequences. Before damage is calculated, the player may apply Consequences to reduce the number of shifts: The role of individuals, even player characters, is for diaapora most part ancillary to actual combat.

The further apart characters are, the more social distance is in their conversation.

Weapons – Starjammer SRD

No Skill should exceed level 6. Going through the five phases for four characters might take minutes, including reading aloud the gradual development of the characters after each phase. As always, before any dice are rolled, the caller will ask for compels, at which time players can compel each other to fail to act. Further, the stories that are told are definitive of the genre—out-matched pursuit, well-matched firefights, and blockade running.

Usually the objective will be to get a certain person or persons into a specific zone before the timer runs out. The teeth tear through organic matter, causing significant damage and bleeding. So a door that someone has already paid to pass through is now in the open state and costs nothing to pass through until someone pays 2 movement successes shifts to close it. These polycarbonate batons have a side-handle grip and a electrode-lined striking surface that delivers an electrical charge.

Grenade arrows can also be fired with a crossbolter.


This might encourage the referee to fill out the card in other ways. This takes one month, modified by the number of shifts achieved. Or, with diaspra financial hit, you could be slaving away in a burger joint with no prospects of happiness or promotion.


Staves are long and flexible, weighted on the end to provide extra striking power. This system emphasizes these goals. Most weapon crystals increase the amount of damage attacks with the Solar weapon deal.

The natural instinct for players is to hoard fate points, and save them for a big flourish at the end. Grenades are a special type of thrown weapon that can deal a variety of types of damage as well as create special hindering effects, as shown on Table 7—7.

Battlegloves are popular, economical choices for mercenaries and guards. Each Skill is presented with a brief overview, and some idea of what a eiaspora choosing this Skill diawpora their apex might be. An overhead map may have several zones. Cluster, world, and character creation are all egalitarian pursuits. An outnumbered ship may still mount a reasonable defense. Assault hammers have heavily weighted metal heads and relatively light aluminum or polycarbonate grips.

A lot of great product support from Frog God Games. The overlarge devastation blade is a two-edged sword that creates terrifying wounds. A small animal might have one or two boxes, anything about srs sized is three to five boxes, larger animals are 6 to 8 boxes, and sre animals may be 10 boxes or more.

The character has an important thing at his disposal. Making something Military-grade or altering how a stress track works are both obvious choices.