Editorial Reviews. Review. “Deslumbrante Javier Marías escribe con elegancia, con ingenio y . Los enamoramientos (Spanish Edition). Javier Marías. Entradas sobre Los enamoramientos escritas por javiermariasblog. descarga A great Spanish novel for our time by Javier Marias. Renowned Spanish writer. Javier Marías se encuentra en París donde mañana, 13 de septiembre, .. Comme les amours (titre original:Los Enamoramientos) est le premier roman en .. descarga A great Spanish novel for our time by Javier Marias. Renowned Spanish.

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A work that transcends its conventions can produce special results. We tend to hope that, of the people and habits we cherish, no one will die and none will end, not realizing that the only thing that maintains those habits intact is their sudden withdrawal, with no possible alteration or evolution, before they can can abandon us or we abandon them.

Marias is less interested in the mechanics of the murder, rather preferring to explore the relationships of his small group of characters. Even if we do stop to contemplate, what does it accomplish? Why did this young woman kill herself, assuming she was successful? But one day Miguel, the man, is brutally murdered on the way to his car.

One day, the pair remains notably absent. What I should describe and what is superfluous? Perhaps that is for the best.

Sure, we may sometimes wonder where that ambulance goes, but certainly not every time. In that aspect—arguably the most relevant aspect—he succeeds tremendously. Of course, he should blame himself for succumbing to the temptation of her note like an addict craving for another fix. The author deliberately reinforces this by making the characters mouthpieces for complex ideas, rather than fleshing them out as individuals.


One sentence runs a page and a half. But there was no reason to go inside and it was time to return to Fenwick Court.

Or even the second, or the third? Bernard Turle — Marco Lodoli: She is somewhere just south of 40, and has not married.

Los enamoramientos

All too often the skill of a translator of novels is overlooked. We remember our stories long after our sensations have disappeared.

Her teenage daughter, Amanda, likes noir literature and hopes to wait MIT, the place she is going to be with Bradley, an previous good friend that she plans to marry, without or with his consent. The idea of a male writing a female sescargar and a female writing a male seems absurd […] I find books like that a little unbelievable. They notice her, too, of course, but not as obsessively, dubbing her the Prudent Young Woman. Through all the cruel, stupid, gratuitous crimes of history, we end serenely in the shade, oriented toward tomorrow with renewed generosity, curiosity, and humanity.

What other horrors have we avoided? All of maras will sound constructed, too full of symmetries and plot twists and staged confessions.

Is the author manipulating us? Initially, she knows them only as the mysterious Perfect Couple — affluent, attractive, manifestly in love — who breakfast every morning enamoramintos her favorite cafe. Part 2 of the critique. I like to use a system of echoes and resonances and characters that reappear not only within the same book, but from one book to another. Did her father do something to her? Memories are elusive and chance plays a vital role.


There are things which seem to me quite impenetrable. Nothing more than an apparently senseless killing. Great art often emerges from breaking…or at least tweaking…rules. Just read that opening sentence again.

For reasons she herself never wholly fathoms, Maria becomes obsessed with a seemingly blissful wife and husband, Luisa and Miguel. How long should someone contemplate the javjer before getting back to their lives normally? After Miguel is stabbed to death not far from the cafe, Maria gingerly approaches Luisa to offer her condolences, then comes to her house for an eventful evening, during which she meets Javier.

Los enamoramientos

The specific incident gives rise to far-reaching speculations. Y frente a la muerte, el autor reitera un pensamiento que permea toda su trama: And something much more.

The widow, in turn, introduces Maria to two friends at her house.