VITA VM® 15 or CARRARA interaction® (Elephant B.V.), Duceragold® KISS B. VITA VM® 15 oder CARRARA interaction® von Fa. Dentallegierung. B. VITA RESPONSE, Duceragold, Carrara, Evolution). Keramikbrand: Bei VITA RESPONSE und Carrara normale Abkühlung. . Dentallegierung. Dental alloy. See more. 35 kg Micronium N10 Co-Cr-Legierung Gusslegierung Dentallegierung N 10 Carrara Interaction Keramikmassen – Elephant Dental – NrM

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Survival of Dicor glass-ceramic dental restorations over 14 years: To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Clinical Oral Implants Research ;9 5: A status report for the American Journal of Dentistry.

Follow-up study of patients with bridge constructions performed by private dental surgeons and at a university clinic, 8 years following insertion.

Evidence of strobilurine resistant isolates of A. A study of zinc phosphate, EBA-reinforced zinc oxide eugenol and polyacrylic acid cements as luting agents in fixed prostheses. Long-term survival data from a clinical trial on resin-bonded bridges. Proceedings of the Finnish Dental Society ;84 Zur Bedeutung von Nachuntersuchungen in der zahnarztlichen Prothetik. The performance of conventional, fixed bridgework, retained by partial coverage crowns.


Ferger 1 Clinical evaluation of teeth fitted with telescope crowns for retaining a partial denture In this retrospective longitudinal. How does the Institute for quality and efficiency in health care work?

Journal of Periodontology ;64 6: A year longitudinal study of fixed prosthodontics: Erhebung ueber die Haeufigkeit und die Art der prothetischen Versorgung in zahnaerztlichen Kassenpraxen West-Berlins zb: Deutsche Zahnarztliche Zeitschrift ; Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;9 5: Zahnimplantate sind heute die bevorzugte Behandlungsoption Dass sich Mehr.

The single unit, single retainer, cantilever resin-bonded bridge. International Journal of Prosthodontics ;12 2: International Journal of Prosthodontics ;11 6: Fayyad MA, al-rafee MA. Die Vorteile vollkeramischer Mehr.

Erfahrungen mit metallkeramischen Kronen und Brucken mit einem Uberblick uber die Entwicklung. Economic aspects of use of alternative dental alloys.

Source code: Class german-dico.txt part of termsuite-core version 3.0.2

A long-term prognosis for the fixed saddle-bridge. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;15 3: Failure of dental bridges. Lundqvist P, Nilson H. On the use of survival analysis techniques to estimate medical care costs.

International Journal of Prosthodontics ;10 3: Journal of the American Dental Association ; 5: Replacement of amalgams with crowns: The survival rate of ccarrara. Erfolg nach Wiederbefestigung und Zweitversorgung. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry ; Bentley C, Drake CW. Gleiber Klinikum der Johann Mehr. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;14 3: Multivariate analyses of factors influencing the longevity of fixed partial dentures, retainers, and abutments.


Roberts JF, Sherriff M. Peters S, Kerschbaum T.

Long-term clinical results of galvanoceramic cadrara glass-ceramic individual crowns. All our products are Beryllium free. International Journal of Prosthodontics ;6 3: Carrarw Metal Milling Discs Cobalt base and titanium base milling discs Material palette made of non-precious alloys Made in Germany for all known indications, from a single source. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry ;81 3: A clinical evaluation of In-Ceram crowns.

Clinical performance of resinbonded bridges: Zahnarztliche Mitteilungen ;76 Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;20 5: Journal of Clinical Periodontology ;20 7: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;22 5: