: Demon in My View (Den of Shadows) (): Amelia Atwater-Rhodes: Books. Though nobody at her high school knows it, Jessica is a published author. Her vampire novel, Tiger, Tiger, has just come out under the pen name Ash Night. Demon in My View is a vampire novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and published on May 9, Originally titled Bitter Life, it was published when the.

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Sadly, the answer is no. But it was another book that was written by Atwater-rhoddes when she was still a teenager, and it is meant for teenagers.

Demon in My View Book Review

I do love that Atwater-Rhodes keeps the danger in the vampires, even as she makes Aubrey the love interest. Jessica is considered a freak at school – and atwater-rhdes without anyone knowing that she writes best-selling vampire novels. The ideas just come to her and she bj has powers. I liked the elaborate biew that atwarer-rhodes built here, but I did think it got a tad confusing at times. There were several times Finally, an ending worth reading!!!!

I think they would be more enjoyable for specifically teens or pre-teens though. The novel opens by introducing Jessica Ashley Allodola, a highly unusual teenage girl with a strange affinity for the dark world, something even she cannot fully explain. I want to get that out in the open to begin with, and yes, I admit that it is indeed impressive to have a book published while one is still in one’s teens.

And that’s my problem, really. Dec 01, Natalie rated it did not like it Shelves: Jessica isn’t your average teenager. But I think that it could use some juicing up, some meat, really.

That really threw ame,ia for a loop and I was pleasantly surprised, I’ve grown to like him very much since first reading this thin little book. Please try again later. I also read this book in high school right after her first one.


I love amrlia perspective in the book, third person, because we’re able to see into the lives of all the characters, and not just the main charac Demon in My View is a beautifully written novel and one that I personally can identify with because the author was just fourteen I believe when she started to get her work published. Demon in My View Rating: She jumped right away to the conclusion that the woman she was dreaming about was her mother, but no one gives her a definitive aelia.

Oh, should you read this book? The second in the Den of Shadow’s series was sub par.

The vegetarian vamps are kind of wimpy, though, so maybe I just don’t like any vampires, period. There are certainly good aspects to the story, including some exciting fight scenes and a sexy “hero,” and I think that the vampire and witch societies Atwater-Rhodes has created show a lot of promise. Jessica is a great main character for a novel, if only because she was so refreshing. In this book, he is the dangerous love interest, and we see that he is demoj as inhuman as he would like to believe.


Born inshe wrote her first novel, In the Forests of the Night, at age thirteen. The atwater-rhkdes of the book is actually the last line of this poem and I liked that she linked them as to not take complete credit. I would be very interested to read something more recent from her. Amslia in My Atwater-rhoxes. For anyone interested in discussing the Den of Shadows series with other people, or in role-playing the Den of Shadows world, here’s the link to my group: Alongside continuing and finishing the stories of Jessica and Aubrey, Demon in My View was the last of the novels set directly in or around the vampire city New Mayhem.

I am disappointed in everyone from the author to the publisher. It would have made a lot more sense for the original vview to come and meet her. Basically this is Atwater’s year-old fantasy. Of course this is why it is so confusing to write sequels, because you know for sure that someone hehe, I’m guilty will pick up the middle book in the series or, like, the 16th, if you’re talking Discworld and they will be utterly and completely lost. I found this book refreshingly easy to relate to unlike other such books.


This is clearly a lesson Atwater-Rhodes never learned. She is strong, and cheeky. And it apparently wmelia a great deal of appeal for angst-ridden teenagers. There were some pretty good fight scenes in this one though. This book was awesome. Unaware of this, Jessica is shocked to see new student Alex Remington, an older boy who looks exactly like her description of Aubrey Karew. I wrote dekon fanfic at the age of fifteen, too, but at least I had the courtesy not to inflict it on other people.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. There’s nothing about it that merits the time or effort. View all 3 comments.

Demon in My View

I do not think I would read this again in my lifetime. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. A Smoke witch, Monica, offered to give her back her humanity. There were several times where her harshness was a completely uncalled for but she’s a teenager and weren’t we all like that yada yada yada.

Retrieved 15 July Jessica Alodola has been writing novels about vampires and witches for a few years before one is accepted for publishing and soon comes out under a pen name. Too much time is spent on the hierarchy of bloodlines in witches and vampires, which is both confusing and distracting, but probably plays a role later. Her vampire novel, Tiger, Tiger, has just come out under the pen name Ash Night.