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Part I governs entitlements to leave, administrative arrangements and the granting of leave. Establishes that the Minimum Wage Act shall not apply if a the employee is required by his or her contract of service to undertake at least 60 credits a year of an industry training programme, for the purposes of becoming qualified for the occupation to which the contract of service relates; and b the industry training programme is registered in the National Qualifications Framework as provided for by the Education Act Decree to introduce a system of minimum wages for young persons.

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Decree of 23 December amending the Insurance Obligation Act. Teaching dedreto shall receive an increase in salary of 3.

Provided that savings-wage are not considered as wage within the meaning of the Sickness Fund Act. Declaration of New Manufactured Products. Mainly regulates the salaries of the members of the central administrations and the governing bodies, as well as allowances. An Act to amend the Wages Protection Act East of England Development Agency.


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This concerns the wage adjustment increase and bonuses for civilian personnel and harmonizes their renumeration with that of other civil servants. The text makes numerous amendments to the Payment of Wages Act of which apply eecreto the Punjab.

La ley citada incorpora el literal e en el numeral 8. This concerns the wage adjustment increase and bonuses for civilian personnel and harmonizes their renumeration with that of other civil servants. Amends sections 34 and 35 of the Child Support Act relating to circumstances in which custody of 2 or more children is split between 2 liable parents.

Higher Salaries Commission Amendment Act Also provision on unremitted deductions made by employers. Minimum Wages Ordinance, No. These amendments are primarily procedural and concern a large number of earlier Decrees and Acts. Amends the Act in relation to decreyo definition of remuneration, functions of the Commission, criteria it is to use, frequency of wage adjustments, etc. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law.

An Ordinance further to amend certain laws relating to industrial relations and the welfare of workers.

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Act to adapt a number of Social Security Acts and certain other Acts, and to establish dcreto for the implementation of these Acts in accordance with the proposals of the Commission on the Simplification of the Tax Burden on Wages and Incomes Act to adapt supplement-premium payment rules.


Act of 23 December to amend the Social Security Act and related Acts on taxation following a review of fiscal administration.

Decrero for prescription of minimum wages by Governor-General.

Sickness-related measures Chapter XI: An Ordinance 622 amend the Industrial relations Ordinance so as to provide for a Minimum Wages Board, and for associated purposes. Languages, formats and link to OJ. Civil laws and laws of civil procedure Chapter II: An Act to provide for the decrteo of workers in the profits of companies.

Amends the principal Act by substituting a new section 8 concerning minimum wage exemption permits. An Act to amend the Wages Protection Act Declaration of New Manufactured Products. Income of the Military Decree.

Decreto lei 6722 de 2008 republican

672 of 24 May concerning special measures for the adjustment of social security acts in connection with the Gross Salary Regulations Act. Provisions for civil servants Chapter IV: Companies Profit Workers’ Participation Rules Wage Adjustment RegulationsAmendment No. Notification of collective labour agreements Chapter III: