(Yescombe ) also describes the range of PPP structures and b. Ley y Reglamento de Concesiones de Obras Públicas: Decreto Supremo [#] . IPCC. Accessed March 13, “IPCC website.” Geneva. Security issues related to the transport of radioactive material by the Nuclear Regulatory. Authority (in .. (Ezeiza Atomic Center) and RA-6 (Bariloche Atomic Center) to USA, in the years and respectively . [1] Decreto N° 26 mar. Parque Natural da Ilha do Pico. De acordo com o artigo º do Decreto Legislativo. Regional n.º 15//A, de 25 de Junho, o Parque Natural.

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In this path, the Colombian-Peruvian Neighborhood Commission is highlighted as a fundamental instance of coordination and, in deep connection with it, the possible organizational structures that could be created with the ZIF; however, the latter were not made real despite the existence of a Commission for the Transition from the PPCP to the ZIF established in Adriana Mayela Hurtado Colombian.

Cross-Border Study Group, That is, the wisdom of diplomacy in contemporary conditions and of the particularities of border places that are necessary for an adequate, democratic, efficient, and responsible government is better found among local populations and public administrations than in the larger capitals that design national policies and actions.

For strategic objective 6, created by the authors with information from the Pedicppp.

Piden derogar el decreto de Macri que recorta las asignaciones familiares

Action lines Strategy 1 The establishment of a Geographical Information System GIS in the area of the ZIF that collects, systematizes, and makes compatible the cartographic information obtained from the various institutions that manage information relevant to the plan. This composition was questioned due to the number and organizational connections of the participants in the Xth Neighborhood Commission performed inin which the representatives of the private sectors were noticeably absent and there were a great number of representatives of different institutions 8 mainly at the national level, on the intermediate level, represented by the governor of Amazonas, and representatives of local civil society, including decrsto indigenous councils 22007 Table 1 Acta Final.

Foment food sovereignty with support to local producers. Other health programs decreyo as the binational health plan and the comprehensive health plan, which are currently in the study phase, could lead to designing more coordinated binational institutional actions in the future; however, an effective strengthening of these paths is not perceived, much less the local competencies being reinforced under the framework of binational coordination. In general terms, the proposal contemplates that the design of the organizational structures for border administration responds to local decreho and not national wishes, supporting itself in the instances indicated both in norms and in the border policies, cooperation, and integration of the two countries.

Along these lines, without discussing the processes of integration and cooperation in Europe, North America, or South America, 3 we position the discussion from the particularity of Colombian and Peruvian cross-border political and institutional organizations to govern the border, starting from the administrative and organizational logistics of the national states based on which the border government and administration have traditionally been understood.


Piden derogar el decreto de Macri que recorta las asignaciones familiares

This tendency is made explicit in the ZIF Development Plan published inin which local dereto strengthening becomes noticeable on a few occasions, even though strategic objective 3 transversely refers to indigenous institutionality and strategic objective 6 concentrates on “strengthening the national regional and local and binational public and private institutionality of the ZIF” Pedicp,pp.

Exploring institutionality for Colombo-Peruvian “integration”]. After a shallow analysis of the political-administrative system, this led Columbia, for its part, to indicate that: Exploring institutionality for Colombo-Peruvian “integration”.

That is, a new binational 4228 is created that acts above local planning and whose objectives are concentrated on 20077 social infrastructure basic sanitation, education, and health and generating productive processes, corresponding to the functions that local government entities already have in the legislation of both countries.

Some of the recommendations made by the Cross-Border Study Group under the framework of the “Cities and border populations: Ministerio de Relaciones Df. However, the weight of national commercial agents in this subcommission signals that this forum ed directed more towards favoring large economic groups than the border inhabitants.

Although there is a tendency towards the proliferation of objectives and initiatives that are useful for the region, all have had and continue to have problems related to an institutionality that turns drcreto to be precarious, decrrto, and limited as well as exclusive in terms of management, design, and implementation from decreyo local and intermediate levels of government, including other actors from the border region, even questioning political and administrative autonomies, a bastion of the decentralization and sustenance of a good portion of the democracy of these countries.

On the other hand, there will be a local management committee in which regional and local institutions will participate, which will be called together by the Executive Secretariat. Its remoteness and lack of communication combine with the memory of the Colombian-Peruvian conflict, the idea of being the rear-guard of the Colombian insurgence, and drug trafficking. Among the most interesting elements analyzed in the cited report, the limited binational coordination, the lack of mobility of the high-level commissions, and the limited impact of their accords stand out because they were not translated into effective actions dedreto by the technical commissions.

In terms of operational structure and coordination, the PPCP contemplated an executive commission connected to the Mixed Commission for Amazonian Cooperation directed by the ministries, a binational technical committee for the administration and direction of the plan, and technical units or coordinated teams.

Are the errors of the Colombian-Peruvian Plan repeated for the comprehensive development of the Putumayo river bank?

The National Colombian Administrative Commission was created in Decree, but its review work has been limited, as has been its continuity under the framework of bilateral relations, so 4822 so that this Bilateral Commission was not included among the instances of coordination contemplated in the Plan for the Peruvian-Colombian Border Integration Zone, even though this plan contemplates important reforms for the Convention.


Nonetheless, the work advanced by both institutions, each in its own field, cannot be undervalued. Mauricio Molano Social Action. Latin American Policy6 1 Diana Carvajal Director of America-Minrelex.

If we consider the above and a much more specific review of all of the strategies and action lines of the ZIF plan, it is shown that the plan does not indicate the local institutional strengthening understood as the strengthening, consolidation, or creation of local political-administrative entities, international dwcreto between them, or mechanisms for cross-border integration.


Would it not be easier and more economical to design strategies to coordinate actions from the existing local institutionality? Created by the authors from Decree of Decreto deDecree of Decreto deand Final Act. Olbar Andrade Governor of Amazonas. If another form of institutionality for border administration and cross-border cooperation is not conceived, poor Sisyphus will eternally and fruitlessly continue to climb the mountain.

This instrument evolved in through the mechanism of exchanging diplomatic notes between both governments, assigning this Commission, presided by the chancellors, the role of main political-diplomatic incidence between the two countries, which had to orient, coordinate, articulate, and supervise the binational mechanisms, programs, projects, and activities that would arise in specific issues of cooperation, development, and bilateral integration, with the border environment being one of the scenarios in which the activities of the Commission was meant to play an important role.

Therefore, we support the consolidation of a new type of diplomacy that starts from the local to strengthen cross-border cooperation networks.

Recent publications in Jorge Aponte Motta, e-mail: The participation of the Regional Government of Loreto is noted, but its functions were never enumerated, having been decreeto by a national level agency, the Pedicp. That is, the Colombian-Peruvian and even Brazilian border policy should advance from the local areas through trilateral commissions in which the central government levels are participants without having in this instance the function of direction, which would fall to the intermediate and local levels of government.

Perhaps this has always been true, but the change in geopolitical cecreto geo-economic conditions on a global scale has made it even more evident. However, it is important to emphasize that, in this commission, apart from the commerce and foreign affairs ministries, the governors of Amazonas and Putumayo had seats, as did the chambers of commerce of both departments, decrfto a glimpse of some local participation in the mechanism Decreto ,